hello. i am new in this marketplace and i had already some sales from old customers from my Etsy shop. i have put the shipping price to each item but all sales payed to me without shipping prices.
what do i have to do?
i want to send all items with post office and each item to have a standart shipping price.
also i want to know if i can put i smaller shipping price for more than one item in the same order.
Etsy has By itself shipping price and With another item shipping price.

thanks a lot for any advice

asked almost 3 years ago

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Hi @truewishes,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the trouble with your shipping. It sounds like you may need to bulk update your shipping information. The great news is you can easily do that from our batch editor. Point your mouse over the “My Booth” link in the upper left-hand corner of any page and select “Batch edit items” from the drop down. Click on the “Shipping” tab on the left side of the tool box at the top of the page, then select your listings and apply your preferred shipping options.

Hope that helps!

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answered almost 3 years ago


I looked at several of your listings, and some are listed as free shipping, some say “See Item Description”, and some have an amount listed for shipping to US.

You will need to review your listings and correct/change the field for the shipping charge. Save it, update your booth then review the listings to make sure the saved.

answered almost 3 years ago


well thanks a lot for the quick response. also i am sorry i was delayed to answer but i marked to take a message to my mail if i have any answer and nothing came.
i found your answers from luck. i feel a little silly.

well i went to edit booth settings/shipping & returns
to Shipping calculator settings i marked
Shipping calculator settings I ship UPS packages from UPS store

to Shipping profiles i made some of them and i marked
Shipping in the US Details are in the item description
International shipping Worldwide
I will ship to the selected destinations for a flat rate of $

then i went to discounds and coupons and to
Combined shipping discounts i marked

Offer a discount for each item after the first when calculating shipping costs.
Buyers will pay normal shipping costs for the item with the most expensive shipping costs.
For each additional item in their order:
add $ to the price of each item shipped after the most expensive item.

to Freebie policy i marked
No freebie policy specified.

are all these correct?

thanks a lot once again

answered almost 3 years ago


PlayfulPetPalz says: February 03, 2017

Sounds like you have done the shipping right as well as setting up a discount for combined shipping. I am a USA seller. Here is what I did that can give you some insight as to what your shipping is reflecting when adding two listings to my shopping cart:

PlayfulPetPalz says: February 03, 2017

I added the first listing showing in your booth, which showed a price of $20 shipping. I added the second listing in your booth, which showed a shipping price of $19.00. I went to my shopping cart and combined shipping showed $29.00.

PlayfulPetPalz says: February 03, 2017

I hope this info helps to see if combined shipping is working out like you want it to be. Best of luck.

PlayfulPetPalz says: February 03, 2017

And I now see this post is 12 months old lol. How did it make its way to the top of the community page 12 months later…


How this question (added 3h before) on the forum front page

can lead to this one year old topic and in the same time not to be added/visible here in question/answers?

answered almost 2 years ago

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