Small booth sales

My booth is pretty Small, usually 10 or less items. Does that mean I have less chance of getting buyers? Just curious, any Help is Appreciated.

asked about 1 month ago


CindyBear says: July 15, 2019

on the whole….smaller booths do tend to have a harder time…

MagnoliaScreens says: July 16, 2019

No. Less traffic, perhaps. But, with proper titles, keywords and social media, you stand a chance at sales. The more swings you take on social, the better your odds of a home run.. :)

kattinsanity says: July 17, 2019

I have 100+ listings at any given time BUT no sales while on ebay I have sold $1,000.00+ (50+ items) in the last 31 days. I Started using the promoted listings option on ebay a month ago and it has tripled my sales in just 31 days. I wish they had the same layout here as they have on ebay.

EmpressDepot says: July 17, 2019

Typically on Bonanza, yes.

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Thank You All ???? You’ve been very helpful and I appreciate it.

answered about 1 month ago


Personally I find the more items I have the more sales I have.

answered about 1 month ago


Yes, you’ll need to work on bringing people into your items from social media or your website. If you do that, remember to use the tracking code in the URL so you don’t get charged a fee for visitors that you bring in (you can find it under the Selling menu – go to “Advertise items” then click on “free referral traffic”).

answered about 1 month ago


GracefulVintageNow says: July 15, 2019

Interesting. Did not know this. Is Social like FB, Pinterest, IG considered free referral traffic?

KazooDecor says: July 15, 2019

Yes, anywhere you add a link to your booth, make sure the url includes your referral link (it’s just some characters that you have to add to the end of the url).

KazooDecor says: July 15, 2019

For example, for my booth the url is but for “free referral traffic” I have to use I assume the “fref” code at the end is different for each of us, but you’ll find it where I described above.

GracefulVintageNow says: July 16, 2019

Thank you.

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