Will the end of net neutrality doom ecommerce & internet access as whole? will bonanza survive?

There is commotions circulating around that net neutrality will come to an abrupt end at the end of this year. I can’t help but to ponder will all my ecommerce framework and setup be jeopardized by this cataclysmic act? What will happen to Paypal, online banking services, postal website, and Bonanza.com & infinite other websites on the internet since its inception. Will there be more acute harassment on online merchants’ legit business by the likes of DMCA, ISP, and other cyber governing entities? Per Surcharges upon entering the website address gateway (@ the door of a website), reduce or deliberately obstruct traffics, meters traffic sources to cause insufficiency, charge fees on the contents posted on websites, all made possible by the ISP, the evil mastermind yearning to negate net neutrality! Please I need rest assurance that all parts and aggregates integral to online marketplace will carry on as usual.

asked 14 days ago


KAFarm says: June 24, 2020

There will be change and we will adapt.

Atomicdiner says: June 24, 2020

Too Deep for me to Absorb. Whatever happens will happen and you cant do a thing about it. If VOTING really could change things, IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL.

MagnoliaScreens says: June 25, 2020

TL;DR: OP needs rest assurance of NN whatever that is…

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I dont think anyone can answer that question until it actually happens.

answered 13 days ago

The situation with net neutrality and its end are quite frightening but I want to believe there’s gonna be no kinks with it. But I think you still need to get adapted to new conditions. Develop new marketing strategies, promote services and goods in other ways. That’s why I think consulting services will be in demand. I myself work with Salesforce and I’m gonna customize their solutions https://www.ergonized.com/salesforce-configuration-customization/ and I’d advise you to search for assistance too.

answered 12 days ago

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