Hand Picked List: An Affair with Hearts

"My Love of Hearts!"
Brought to you by VintageLove65
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Published on 02/01/17

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Hearts are one of the first thing I stated collecting when I was a teenager. What was your first collection?

Lost_Treasures says: February 01, 2017

Great Picks Love65, – Mine where Comic Books – Tarzan Lone Ranger – Gene Audrey-Roy Rogers etc. – Wish I still had some of those 5c ones now, worth a small fortune.

VintageVarietyShop says: February 01, 2017

Great picks here Vintage! I didn’t collect anything when I was young, but now I have a huge collection of bone china cup & saucer sets, including many miniatures.

vintagesuffolk says: February 02, 2017

I collected pieces of pretty colored glass.

mdes145 says: February 03, 2017

I first started collecting pretty stones from the creek and leaves and flowers that I pressed in books

VintageVarietyShop says: February 03, 2017

By the way, thank you for picking three of my items for this list (even though they don’t show on this page as it’s limited to 30 items).

karoden says: February 03, 2017

Thank You for adding " I Am Keeping You In My Heart " my 1922 Vintage Post Card. Good Luck.

letsreminisce0916 says: February 03, 2017

Thank you very much to adding my item….this is a nice collection of hearts

Closet27 says: February 03, 2017

Some nice picks here ; )