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What are Bonanza Webstores?

Bonanza Webstores - online ecommerce

Bonanza is a marketplace with many sellers, but a Bonanza Webstore is a stand-alone ecommerce website. You get a beautiful online store and secure shopping cart to sell your products in a web home that's all your own. 

Every Webstore is linked to a Bonanza booth, making inventory mangement simple. And if you sell on other marketplaces, you can use Bonanza's auto-sync tools to keep it all up-to-date. Seamless and simple. Just the way we like it. 

Set up a Webstore - Basic questions

Customizing your Webstore

You can easily customize the visual look of your store to best match your brand and personality. Choose from professionally-designed themes, upload your company logo, and customize the home page and other pages to your heart's content - no coding required.

Using your own domain name

Your Webstore automatically comes with a Bonanza subdomain named after your Bonanza booth, for example Or, you can choose to use your own custom domain name, for example, and get it free for the first year of your Webstore.