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Bags Bonanza
bharding Oct 12, 2010

Bags Bonanza


Hola amigos.  I'm pleased to announce that this evening we launched our first Bonanza specialty store, "Bags Bonanza."  It is a separate corner of Bonanza dedicated to "all things handbags."   Since our launch, Bonanza has been home to one of the most thriving handbag communities online, with many of the best priced bags of any marketplace located right here.  We believe that this new corner of the site gives us an opportunity to go from “good” to “great” in the experience we provide for our handbag shoppers.  It also opens up different ways for us to experiment with acquiring customers.  We know this has been an area many of our sellers have interest in.

You look hungry, dear...

Here's a taco*
* Joke courtesy Alex W. Berg, 2010, All Rights Reserved

We hope & expect that this first specialty experience will prove to be such a smashing success that we can later duplicate it across other categories. That said, it is imperative to us that every specialty nook we build is additive to the overall Bonanza brand, so we'll be deliberate in evaluating what categories we build out, and when.

Got more specific questions? Well we've got more specific answers:

Why launch a new experience if sales are already strong?

First, we want to experiment with different methods to acquire new customers. Many of you have asked us to advertise, and we’ve explained the challenges of doing this in our current one-size-fits-all marketplace. But specialty stores can dramatically improve one of the fundamental components of the equation: what the customer sees when they first arrive. A more focused experience and target customer means we can more easily reach potential customers (we know who we’re talking to). So, we’ll experiment with focused email marketing and Facebook and Twitter outreach methods. And we’ll apply those learnings elsewhere.

Second, we simply want to drive more sales so we can continue to invest in the main site (aka "the mothership") experience.  Being profitable is important in allowing continued investment and growth of all our activities.

Won’t this hurt the main site?

On the contrary, we expect this new corner of the site will enhance the brand and drive additional awareness of Bonanza.com. That’s why we named the site "Bags Bonanza," kept the brand design and logo so similar, and created a bags.bonanza.com URL – to elevate awareness of the Bonanza brand as a whole. We could have just used some other URL, and arguably something more handbags-specific (like handbagstore.com) would be better for search engines. But we wanted something that would be additive to the overall Bonanza brand.

Isn’t this taking away from resources for the main site?

Bonanza's chief advantage over its competitors has been its flexible technology, so bending it into the shape of a handbag site turned out to be very straightforward. Compared to other features we've added, the handbag site actually took less development time than we have already spent on features like traits and the shipping calculator. Even the content was written by outside writers so we didn’t have to take resources away from other efforts.

Can you still buy handbags on Bonanza.com?

You bet. If a shopper finds a bag while browsing they will remain on the main site. If they find the bag through through the speciality store (which will likely become Google's preference, due to lower bounce rate), they can buy it there.

What’s next? Are you going to do more specialty stores?

We like to think so. It depends on the success of this project. We could expand this one to more categories, or we might try entirely different specialty stores. One of the main reasons we created this site was to experiment with different methods to acquire new customers. We want to go beyond Google. And the focused audience of the bags site will make reaching the desired audience easier and more cost effective. It also will grow the brand and drive awareness of the mothership, which is why we see it as a winning proposition all around.

Of course, the vast majority of our development effort will continue to be spent on the mothership.  We recently launched our new Bonanza Rush functionality which we’re incredibly excited about. Also, we have another Bonanza.com enhancement that we’ll announce in the next day or so on the blog. We know you’ll like it. Because we ourselves, and then a panel of local psychics, and everybody agreed that you would definitely dig it.

We are as dedicated as ever to growing Bonanza and see this effort as but one of the many ways we’ll be investing in the site. It’s been a busy summer and fall with the name change, redesign, the 1000 markets acquisition, plus all of the other changes great and small that we’ve announced. The good news? We’re just hitting our stride and have much more to come.

Do you buy or sell bags?  Got more questions not address here?  Lucky you, this post is only the short version of a more detailed FAQ we have explaining how the new store works.


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101 responses to Bags Bonanza

TimsDiamondWillow says: 10/12/10 at 22:11:22

whoa. I don’t plan to bag bonanza any time soon. If I click on that link (that is impossible to miss) will it delete my account?

just kidding!!!

kudos on keeping the experiments going

lol1955 says: 10/12/10 at 22:30:53

Snazzy looking splash page! Nice job.

DakotaGold says: 10/12/10 at 22:31:57

Interesting idea…

With the rash of counterfiet bags out there, is there going to be someone or some way to filter what bags show up there so that the counterfiets don’t enter there?

I know you guys work hard to keep the site clean of fakes but I am just curious.

I hope that you will do more with it and add or rotate other categories so that everyone has a chance at the additional exposure this page may give.

It’s kind of exciting to see what might happen next.

Flourishes says: 10/12/10 at 22:41:48

I like it! Whatever works to get traffic I will vote for.

NancysNostalgicDolls says: 10/12/10 at 22:45:25

I need a new Louis Vuitton…how’d you know??
I think it’s a great idea…
Barbie Bonanza??????

ShopKoolGifts says: 10/12/10 at 22:45:59

Love this idea! Wonderful concept! I hope the next category separate site will be Bonanza Crafts or Bonanza Handmade, will be very nice for the 1000Market newcomers as well as our Bonanza group on here to stand out.

therainforest says: 10/12/10 at 22:51:11

How about Automotive?

That would take a big bite out of you-know-who ;-)

Boutiquely_Yours says: 10/12/10 at 23:11:22

I was wondering, if you sell bags but already have a booth on Bonanza- do you need to sign up separately for Bags Bonanza as a seller?? (separate booth etc etc)

alexwberg says: 10/12/10 at 23:13:41

@Breezers – you don’t need to sign up separately. Your bags are automatically listed at no cost to you.

More info in the FAQ. ; )

bluepennylady says: 10/12/10 at 23:25:44


I know the feeling. To click or not to click that is the question

So I clicked.. Wow that is cool! Really great concept.. Handbags are a big deal. My daughter in law loves handbags.. Well so does my mom


NancysNostalgicDolls says: 10/13/10 at 01:01:23

If I am allowed to speak twice…
Checked it out and tried searching for Kate Spade and Gucci, like how it pulls them all up, handbag gals have their fav and just want to peruse that catagory..
I’m really liking this….

pinkdreamr says: 10/13/10 at 01:27:30

I like this a lot ..great idea and in my opinion aids buyers to search an interest … 2 Thumbs UP !!!!!!!

UknowUneedAnother says: 10/13/10 at 03:03:00

Checked it out, and it looks very polished!
Can vintage pottery and glass be added in, too?

CindyBear says: 10/13/10 at 03:07:19

Page looked really nice and is a great idea. Of course the only bag I carry is the now ‘Vintage’ Bonanzle tote.

renagade says: 10/13/10 at 03:40:32

I Agree with Therainforest – how about Automotive? Clothing? Stamps? Dishes? Music? Jewelry? Shoes? Crafts?

Sorry … not doing happy dance about it but appears to show favoritism

MamawsButtonsAndMore says: 10/13/10 at 04:03:21

Looks great But I would love to see one for handmade items also

ladivafashion says: 10/13/10 at 04:07:08

I love the new concept, but just an fyi; when I clicked the link this morning, I didn’t intuitively know that “bags” meant “handbags”

yeshuazgirl says: 10/13/10 at 04:27:22

Well research shows that people who shop online do not shop casually. They log on and head for a specific item/items. A site that is organized “Catalog Style” for online shoppers is the most appealing visually and makes the most sense in terms of organization. I think it’s a great move. Kudos to you. I agree that a handmade section would be great. Also other chunky categories like shopping in a mall (Antiques (TRUE antiques not knockoffs) – Vintage, Toys, Automotive, Clothing, Beauty etc..

Thank You For All You Do!
Patti (Yeshuazgirl)
THE Eco-Chic Boutique

nutz4bookznstuff says: 10/13/10 at 04:52:54

Well not being a bag lady…I will wait patiently (drumming fingers here) for “Books Bonanza” Seems like it rather pulls one away from the main site, but I guess if it is Bags one is looking for, they wouldn’t be visiting my booth anyway.

Inthebag says: 10/13/10 at 04:56:39

Looks great! Love it!

ZenGirl says: 10/13/10 at 04:57:17

Anything to build the brand and bring more people to the site. Advertising successful areas brings in more revenue, which hopefully, be used for advertising everything but the ordinary.

capemaybooks says: 10/13/10 at 04:57:36

I like the idea but randomly clicked on 3 bags to check it out. Two of them had descriptions obviously written for ebay and the other was a seller in China with terrible English descriptions. That didn’t leave a good impression.

BARNTIQUES859 says: 10/13/10 at 05:00:42

what next; shoes, art, clothes? what are categories for? Why not spend time and effort on important things like cleaning up the category abuseres who place items in the wrong categories. I can see why you did this but it seems redundant to the category section.

bvaughnfamily says: 10/13/10 at 05:13:25

Wow! I’m not a TPFer or a bag lady, but the visual person in me oohed and ahed at the Bags Bonanza look…

Anything that draws buyers is good for Bonanza, which I believe is good for Bonanza sellers.

gingernellscloset says: 10/13/10 at 05:22:34

Guess I will get into the closet and pull out some vintange bags to sell!

permacrisis says: 10/13/10 at 05:29:24

Could handmade jewelry be far behind ???

AbbysAttic says: 10/13/10 at 05:35:37

Noticed the new “tab” when I logged on this morning. Great idea. Even found my “bag” listings there. Now I just need to find some great bags to list.

gypsygirl says: 10/13/10 at 06:09:02

I agree with Renagade,Barntiques and Capemay, I looked at the different bags, and descriptions, and I would not buy, and I am a buyer here also. The favoritism is redundant to specific category’s. Why not Antiques, I am sure Barns and I would love that, or as mentioned, any of the others, and who is the “expert” on what is real and what is fake? Hmm…?

pugs says: 10/13/10 at 06:14:07

I’m with ren and barn also

not to mention there are still people experiencing issues with checkout

the calculator is still not what sellers need

personally I would like to see what we have working well before doing yet something else

the Rush excludes sellers in certain categories, now this excludes many

and yep, lots of clean up

so, you pick what is probably considered the worse category for fakes and fraud

not happy dancing either

pugs says: 10/13/10 at 06:17:26

considering all the people we already had that do handcrafted items and the newly acquired site and sellers, seems that would have been a more logical choice … if this was necessary at this time

SparrowsJewels says: 10/13/10 at 06:18:08

I too wonder if handcrafted items could be far behind ? Alot of etsy folks are moving over here

SharsBoutique says: 10/13/10 at 06:37:53

When using my iPhone … if I search for a certain color, not all options show. Like if I wanted red, I can’t see it under colors. Grey is the last color I can see.

CritterCreekRanch says: 10/13/10 at 07:07:02

ok it shows 11,382 items matched “handbags” on the current bonanza page and over 23,000 on the bags bonanza, not all bags are gonna be moved? is items searchable in both areas and in the bags bonanza why in the world would you move the freebies over there, most are people wanting a certain handbag those need to be removed people put up a listing for something they want I thought informational listings were to be deleted … remove the informational listing PLEASE, I dont know how I feel about except I feel listings should have been cleaned up before you give them a page of there own. Some of these people have not logged in to Bonanza in 6 months. Opening a new page for a catagory is a benefit to who? The buyer I assume, but if they cant find or dont see bonanza out there then how are they gonna find bags bonanza. So now are bag sellers to promote the new bags bonanza or there booth lol. I am very confused. Please clean up the FREEBIES section it looks very tacky! I will check it out today i just hope yall clean up the booths who thru items in booth there and never returned.

AutumnLeaves says: 10/13/10 at 07:18:24

I love the design, clean, crisp, all over I love it.
I do agree we need to weed out sellers who are never here or not logged in for a long time, but that is just a given,
Very nice job. Would seem that if we see items that should not be there are other things in a listing handle it just like one always does,


tillingtraders says: 10/13/10 at 07:33:05

Our clutches show in there, so thanks for that.

But, two of the items under Hot and New are damaged bags. And one of those two is from an eBay seller (their link is clearly in the ad – are we cross-promoting that venue?). Sellers are going to have to be more specific with their item conditions. I don’t think either of those were listed as either New OR Used. Can’t you eliminate ones that aren’t listed as New?

The sellers above are right. Bonanza had a wealth of folks who do handcrafted, artisan work before you acquired the new kids. You need to try hard to keep a level playing field for all sellers. Drawing on specific categories will not give Bonanza the huge cash income it needs to repay the infusion of cash. ALL sellers becoming successful with sales is what Bonanza needs.

renagade says: 10/13/10 at 07:36:38

I have to chime in one more time .. (aww .. quit groaning)

The site has ‘issues’ that need addressing more than making a select group happy
It is like Putting seat covers and fuzzy dice in a car that needs a tune up.
Lets get it running good before pretty stuff is added … I thought that was the reason why ya’ll don’t want to advertise…

bogcandle says: 10/13/10 at 07:51:04

Love the design and the concept. However, I’m with those that worry the bags category is well known for fakes. There are discussion groups online specifically devoted to fakes and frauds in handbags. That’s not a problem in many other categories.

I also clicked on a few listings with references to ebay, auctions, etc. Seems to me the listings should be screened before automatically being included. Otherwise it leaves a poor impression on an outside buyer.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 07:52:49

@renagade – true, we picked one category. Any one we picked would naturally exclude others. We picked one so we could start small, not divert too many resources from other areas, and test the effectiveness of the idea before entertaining the idea of expansion.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 07:58:02

@BARNTIQUES859 – we think this more tailored site experience will be far more effective in winning customers hearts and minds than the experience offered by our current category pages.

We want to get people thinking of Bonanza first and not just relying on Google. A more tailored experience, we believe, will help with that. This isn’t the only way to do that (nor the only one we are considering), but it’s a good start.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 08:03:42

@pugs (and others) – if you are experiencing specific issues with checkout please let support know. As for other areas of the site needing attention – they are being worked on too. Per Bill’s post the creation of the site was not a tremendous effort and we have been working on the ‘mothership’ steadily as well.

renagade says: 10/13/10 at 08:04:04

Thanks for the explanation …. But still seems .. well – eBay-ish (think Automotive) Think focusing on the site as a whole would have been better
I agree in wanting people to think Bonanza and not relying on Google – But now you run the risk of them thinking Bonanza = handbags
Just my two cents for the purse

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 08:08:15

@pinkdreamr – glad you like it. Maybe you should reward yourself with a new bag. ; )

cdvdmart says: 10/13/10 at 08:12:36


CritterCreekRanch says: 10/13/10 at 08:14:41

and as I asked up there FREEBIES section.. people looking for bags are those going to be removed some are very old listings and how can they be called listings they are informational listings,

cricket says: 10/13/10 at 08:22:32

Of course I’m loving it. Thanks, its a step. Love the facebook page on it. Anything to get the customers here. If its bags then so be it. Hope they stay and look around. Thank you Bonz.

BARNTIQUES859 says: 10/13/10 at 08:29:33

@ ALex; I think that is great in theory. My issue is that all the categories have erroneously place items and repro type items. Drawing outsiders to new tabs that are not cleaned up is just bad for the reputation of the site.
It is true that you need to start with a specific Cat.; But that is a huge one with lots of dumped and phoney items that really needed house cleaning. Someone mentioned I would like to see Antiques up there; thay are mistaken because that is another horribly abused catagorey with fakes, repros and miscat. items.
Don’t get me wrong I think you all are trying and many times doing a bang up job. It just seems like more thought needs to be put into some things.
Trying to get peeps from google search to Bonz diercetly is putting the cart before the horse. People do not come here to do a search; they don’t know what a Bonaza or Bonanzle is.

BookbinEtc says: 10/13/10 at 08:37:06

Don’t forget folks – you can report any listings with ‘bad’ stuff in them – ebay links, etc. You can also report sellers who haven’t been here in some time, and support will send them follow ups, then Reserve them.

I know, ’it’s not my job’, but if we don’t report them as we see them, support may never find them. No one has time to peruse all the listings, but people do happen upon them when searching for HPL inclusions etc. If each time they rejected a listing for an HPL, due to ‘ebay’ in it, they report those listings, they’ll get dealt with.

Alex, I think if you can find a way to clean up the listings, you’ll get support and advertising by word of mouth. The TPFers are quick to slam any fakes, or sites with fakes, but if you build something with good, solid, quality bags, they will be on you like a duck on a junebug.

I also agree that it would be nice to come up with a catchy name and market for all our new and ‘old’ handcrafters. We’ve got an incredible wealth of artisans here, and that may just attract and keep more of the 1K Marketeers.

chill02wolfart says: 10/13/10 at 08:39:02

I’m quite embarrassed to admit this; I just logged in a few minutes ago and saw the tab in red. I honestly didn’t know what it actually meant. OR, that I could click INTO it. I went back and read the ENTIRE thread. Only then did I understand the meaning of the tab (feeling pretty stupid at this point).

I see much hostility on this thread. I do agree, there are still pertinent issues which obviously need to be addressed (many for simplistic functionality in certain areas).

I don’t sell Bags; many others do. I know we all have opinions on certain matters, and can express them freely. However, I am getting very weary when I see a thread (once again), where Members are attacking other Members. There is never an excuse for that; it is highly unprofessional and discourteous to attack one another. It is reminiscent of a thread re: Handmade/Hand-Crafted/Artisans, etc.

Although I’ve sold Online for several years, I have never joined ANY Forum until coming to Bonanza over one year ago. This is a friendly community most of the time. However, as of late, I am seeing expressions of hostility directed towards other Members. I do not care for that at all. Bottom line; also, sad to see happen here.

CritterCreekRanch says: 10/13/10 at 08:39:29

You cant report bad stuff I just tried and I get this message on the bonanza bag section
We’ve checked everywhere…
But we can’t find the page you’re looking for.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 08:58:11

@CritterCreekRanch – that could very well be a bug. We’ll investigate.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 09:23:17

@SharsBoutique – thanks for the tip on the iphone. We’re aware of it. I’ve seen it on mine as well.

northmillcreek says: 10/13/10 at 09:49:07

I’m so glad chill02wolfart chimed in.

The boyz and girlz of Bonanza are working hard here – and I see a lot of negative attitudes. Yes, they want our input, but for goodness sake, let’s not bash them when they get new ideas and try new venues. Like my mother used to say, “if you can’t say it nicely, don’t say it at all.” Give them a little encouragement and a smile before you start to complain. I mean, how many of us could have created a site like Bonanza and brought it to where it is today?

I’m sure they are working hard at clean-up, thinking of more categories to expand in, and taking care of the mothership, not to mention taking the time to answer all of our questions at the same time. Give them a break.

I don’t sell, buy, or know anything about handbags, but even I can see the potential of this new idea. I’m sure more categories will come up as they see where this one goes.

Let them ride the wave awhile and see what happens. It’s an experiment, let them play.

THANK YOU Bonanza team for all you do behind the scenes.

JourneyBeads says: 10/13/10 at 09:49:22

I clicked on a bag I might want to purchase. Because Bags Bonanza is a different “site” the url is different than when I click on that bag in Bonanza. The bag is selling on two different sites. How does this fly within Google Duplication Policy Guidelines?




McGester says: 10/13/10 at 09:52:23

Like this a lot. Anything that helps get the Bonanza name out there is a good thing, IMHO.
FYI, on my computer when clicking on ‘home’ to get to the home page after browsing some pages, I get an error “Page cannot be found”. For example, trying to go from ‘shop by style’ back to the home page always, so far anyway, gives me that error.

permacrisis says: 10/13/10 at 09:53:02

I like the idea of category based mini-sites. This is what ebay should have done, instead of best match, and just left the original site alone.

As you flesh these out, remember to always bring the category-specific expertise on board, for if those mini-sites aren’t pertinent they will be the laughingstock of the internet. There was nothing worse than seeing “tire, wrench, racing flag” every time you went to list something on e Motors, and thinking to myself, “These guys know nothing about cars!”

GREAT idea. Giddy Up

SunflowerAntics says: 10/13/10 at 09:57:36

Ok, found a seller I didn’t know was on Bonanza, am glad she came and joined – now she is on Bonanza Bags too!

The link on the Bonanza Bags profile for “See Booth on Bonanza.com” needs to be on the listing page – it took me forever trying to get back to Bonanza.com to see this Sellers booth (had to go to Bonanza.com and type in her name), then I found a little link on her Bonanza Bags profile that would have taken me there.

This is something I think would be helpful – ya think?


sofyblu2 says: 10/13/10 at 09:58:10

Could work well but purse buyers are spending their last dime on that purchase. They won’t be going any further than thatIt’s a money maker w/ the higher fvf’s and that most purse sellers will now probably pay for a premiere membership. What TPF’er managed to pull this off LOL. Poor Tom..better give him a raise now he’s going to need it.

Just as a suggestion before this speciality site gets jammed packed, clean up the listings and sellers no longer around, they will kill the reputation of the rest of us. Have purse listings put on hold till they are approved by the purse expert which I assume is still Tom, that way the site at least shows the real deal.

Just a little disappointed that this was the original choice. We’ve pushed everything but the ordinary and a site to sell antiques and collectibles. And the purse forum who has done no promoting other than their own forum, many of whom are NOT experts, get the first speciality store? Is the site going to be changing our tag line of a place the find one of a kind items?

Thing that’s keeping me happy today was seeing this: AuctionInc. shipping calculator background testing underway.
It will be the thing that may save me this season

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 10/13/10 at 10:16:33

Love it all the way around. I’m telling you… whatever you guys/gals have been doing already is making a difference for my little corner of Bonanza. I’m selling things (and today an automotive item) that are a bit unusual for this time of the year.

Andddd… I completely agree for an Automotive Section!

Again, Congrats on all the wonderful changes!

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 10:44:16

@ JourneyBeads – check out our FAQ for questions on Google and SEO. We’ve considered that one! ; )


alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 10:46:28

@McGester – where exactly are you clicking? We can’t find a ‘home’ link that results in a page cannot be found.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 10:48:07

@CritterCreekRanch – some bags are listed in the parent category of ’Women’s accessories and handbags’ and not in the more specific ‘handbags and bags’ sub-category. We did this to make our listings more accurate and will endeavor to inform bag sellers so we get their inventory in the right spot.

Vintagemaven says: 10/13/10 at 11:01:16

Who is the purse expert?

bharding says: 10/13/10 at 11:02:19

@vintage: That would be me. What do you need to know?

Vintagemaven says: 10/13/10 at 11:19:21

Bill, I don’t sell purses, but was curious as to who it was that was the expert.

ladivafashion says: 10/13/10 at 11:22:45

Bill, you are so funny! LOL!

sofyblu2 says: 10/13/10 at 11:27:24

who is leahriley??

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 11:36:54

@sofyblu2 – Leah is our fashion blogger from NYC. And she’s one of our experts. Carly, our new intern, is a fashion fan herself.

kritzykids says: 10/13/10 at 11:47:36

Will any of the fees change??

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 11:51:12

@kritzykids – fees are the same on both sites.

sofyblu2 says: 10/13/10 at 11:53:16

one last question can we expect to see Bonanza leaning more to trendy, modern items? or will the initial idea of a site catering to antiques and collectibles that ebay pushed out be re-focused on?

Abbysantiques says: 10/13/10 at 11:57:32

Like the idea of store categories but hope this will be well integrated with the whole site which is one of the main problems with another site that I tried.

Checked it out and had some quick first impressions.

(1) On the home page for someone coming in through Bagsbonazle there isn’t anything about the site Bonanzle as a whole to attract them to it, just a button & endorsements. (What’s Bonanza, what can you find there, etc.)

(2) Didn’t see a category for vintage but when I did a search for vintage and antique had lots of results. How do sellers of new bags feel about including antique and vintage? I collect bags and see lots of crossover on Bonanzle and so search both vintage clothing and clothing.

(3) After looking at an item there wasn’t anything about the seller’s other items, etc. as someone else pointed out. Maybe the buyer isn’t interested, but it’s good advertisement to make them aware of what’s available.

Keep up the good work!

Anyone working on Apps?

MissMary123 says: 10/13/10 at 12:02:59

I like the concept But i would not like to be known for Bonanza Handbags I sell Jewelry.What about a Collectable site everyone collects, Horses,Cowboy items,Equestrian and Indian items and then everyone can get involved.Word travels fast When i think of Bonanza I think of Horses,Cowboys and Indians.And i would think most people do I think if we stick along these lines we will be very successful Country decor and such Just a thought and my 2 cents.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 12:08:54

@sofyblu2 – there are no plans to focus on trendy and/or modern items on the mothership. We will continue to focus on unique items as we have.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 12:12:45

1. there is a module for sellers which links to a page that promotes Bonanza.com. We’ll likely experiment finding the ‘just right’ messaging over time.
2. no plans for vintage clothing now. For the near term we’re going to focus on bags on the specialty store and, most importantly, all of the other unique items on the ‘mothership’ (AKA bonanza.com)
3. profile pages link to each seller’s respective booth on the mothership.

MoviesMediaAndMore says: 10/13/10 at 12:36:49

I can’t find a purse that suits my 6ft 2inches tall 240lbs figure! Shazbot!

Your Friend,

wishingtobe29 says: 10/13/10 at 13:00:07

I haven’t read every response, so sorry if i ask the same question, how do bag get listed on this site, i have bags for sale, Coach & a Prada Wallet,(all Authentic)I have them on bonanza right now. Just wondering. Thanks

STBThreadworks says: 10/13/10 at 13:01:57

I have to say, this IS real progress in a good direction. Like the color scheme a lot! Very upscale.

For the holidays, please, please, please do this in categories of items that are affordable for the whole population. Books, movies, video games, anything entertainment, board games. Computer games. Anything chocolate. Jewelry. We never buy personal accessories or clothing online. Too many snafus with sizes and items not as described. But the other stuff, yes. All the new stuff can be bought down the street.

BookbinEtc says: 10/13/10 at 13:05:34

wishing, you have 4 bags on there. It depends on the site category you selected, when you listed.

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 13:06:50

@wishingtobe29 – why there’s a FAQ page just for you! ; )

loristhisandthat says: 10/13/10 at 13:42:04

Work very hard here to keep the bonzbuyers (Google shoppers) on my page and look at more items in my booth, would you consider removing the bagsbonz tab from my page?

teapotgallery says: 10/13/10 at 13:55:47


IcedLilac says: 10/13/10 at 14:21:39

VERY cool! I hope it goes over well and can be used across all categories! bravo Bonanza!

CritterCreekRanch says: 10/13/10 at 14:25:54

I have tried 2 times to email someone from the bags bonanza site and bmail is not working over there, i clicked a purse clicked on contact seller (wanting to find out size of it) and it just sits there and spins when i click send

sharsgiftmart says: 10/13/10 at 14:51:28

This is great. I sell a lot of general merchandise and this is a great way to have a niche. I hope more specialty stores come soon!

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 14:59:48

@crittercreekranch – we’re aware of the bug and working on it. Thanks!

AnnappleBonanza says: 10/13/10 at 15:24:33

My heavens! I love the sleek design.

How many other things are going to unroll before the holidays? I’m toiling up a steep hill of the learning curve these days :-)

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 15:28:49

@AnnappleBonanza – thanks for the feedback on the design. We like it too (clearly).

No specific plans for another specialty site now, but lots of plans for the mothership (AKA Bonanza.com). Stay tuned! I’d apologize for the fast pace, but that’s how we like it around here. ; )

DiscountDesigner says: 10/13/10 at 15:40:19

Hi, Good idea but I have like 4 bags on bonanza and one 1 of them is showing up in Bonanza Bags….Any idea why that is?

AnnappleBonanza says: 10/13/10 at 15:44:03

@alex, Thanks for that! I admire the positive energy with which the team works, it shines through.

I can only hope to keep pace and/or prepare for upcoming goodies!

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 16:04:37

@misskeech – I would check how your bags are categorized.

It could be that some bags are listed in the parent category of ’Women’s accessories and handbags’ and not in the more specific ‘handbags and bags’ sub-category. We did this to make our listings more accurate.

selon's_collectibles says: 10/13/10 at 18:04:28

I like the concept. Would like to see an Entertainment Memorabilia section.

newmillenniumbeatnik says: 10/13/10 at 18:09:28

I have been thoroughly scouring all aspects of this new feature throughout they day, and I have differing emotions on the subject. I sell mostly vintage items in differing categories. However, I feel this is a positive direction for Bonanza. I sell some handbags, mostly vintage, and with this new feature will be posting more. It will be great when this is developed for other categories, so sellers in other categories do not feel alienated. Purses are just an easy category to work with because they can be divided into niches. I am sure this is one of the reasons it was chosen. I hope some of the unhappy sellers will try to understand that and the many other reasons that have already been stated.

I was also a bit confused about if I was actually on Bonanza or not when on the bag site. I’m not sure I can offer on that aspect.

I do have some suggestions that I hope someone with the power to review and possibly make changes, will read.

As I do have handbag listings, it would have been nice to know in advance exactly what category was going to be used to pick up our listings. An advance notice would have allowed sellers to have conformed listings before the launch. I did receive a message on one of my items to add traits, and I do appreciate that.

On the traits for the category. As most of my items are vintage, I would love to see this in the traits somewhere, anywhere. I notice that in the ‘Brand’ drop down box, there is a ‘handmade’ choice. Is it possible that vintage could be added there???? Just a suggestion.

Thanks to the Bonanza team for your continuing efforts to bring traffic to our site. NMB!

beachcat says: 10/13/10 at 18:17:40


loristhisandthat says: 10/13/10 at 19:33:11

Well I still would like to know any chance of getting that bagbonanza link off the pages in our booths?

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 19:43:39

@loristhisandthat – there are no plans to to allow sellers to remove the link from their booths.

spencer455 says: 10/13/10 at 20:06:35

So are we doing anything with Chain Saw collectibles? or Snowmobiles?, or Chevy’s?

pugs says: 10/13/10 at 20:09:59

I would like to see that gone also, not to mention if more categories are added it could get quite crowded

spencer455 says: 10/13/10 at 20:10:08

Bags “old or hand” just don’t do anything pour moi

spencer455 says: 10/13/10 at 20:12:28

…..well I think I have some of grandma’s or great grand ma’s kicking around in the attic…lol…. prime collectibles…lol

alexwberg says: 10/13/10 at 21:10:42

Thanks again for the input and questions everyone. If you have questions please check the FAQ or reach out to support. http://www.bonanza.com/site_help/general/bags_site_faq

HavensRainbow says: 10/13/10 at 21:26:00

Alex “Per Bill’s post the creation of the site was not a tremendous effort and we have been working on the ‘mothership’ steadily as well.”

That makes sense what you said. With little ole’ me, there have been times where I’ve been working on something big continuously and then something that may have seemed like a big thing to do while working on the other “big” project was actually easy and I was able to squeeze it in…so it makes sense what you (Bill) said.

I understand about wishing the listings were cleaned up with the word Ebay, let alone the sellers who literally dropped their bags and ran lol. This sort of look does not look good with the bags bonanza…especially since the bags bonanza looks so professional if you know what I mean.

I think Sofy worded it very well here…“Just as a suggestion before this speciality site gets jammed packed, clean up the listings and sellers no longer around, they will kill the reputation of the rest of us.”

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