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Bonanza.com - now on page #1
alexwberg Oct 6, 2010

Bonanza.com - now on page #1

I know a few of you expressed concern that you couldn't find Bonanza.com via a 'Bonanza' keyword search on Google.  Well it appears we're steadily rising up the charts.  We've gone from nowhere, to page #3, to page #1 pretty fast. 

(disclaimer:  your results may vary, but this is what we're seeing at our office on different browsers and different networks).

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23 responses to Bonanza.com - now on page #1

Starfisher says: 10/06/10 at 16:32:21

Great to hear, thanks for sharing this news

angiesjewelry says: 10/06/10 at 16:53:14

Thanks Alex ! One of my items came out 2nd in search results. Not the second page but 2nd on the first page

alexwberg says: 10/06/10 at 17:03:07

@ angiesjewelry – that’s great! Nice to see Google working for you.

SunflowerAntics says: 10/06/10 at 17:16:18

WooHoo! Alex this is GREAT NEWS!

Alilbirdy2 says: 10/06/10 at 17:18:41

Woo hooo, that is great news !

AnnappleBonanza says: 10/06/10 at 17:27:30

That’s awesome news! Way to go!

VINTAGECHIC817 says: 10/06/10 at 17:29:36

Way to go everyone….great news…..

cdvdmart says: 10/06/10 at 17:53:40


fiftiesdrivein says: 10/06/10 at 17:56:00

ah ha! i knew this was coming! Everyone take a bow!

collectiblecorner says: 10/06/10 at 18:04:32

This is terrific news! I’ve avoided checking my items since the name change to avoid stress, but did some spot checking this morning and found items of mine on page 1 of both google organic and google products. I’m a very happy camper, didn’t expect good search placement so soon after the change.

TshirtsGalore says: 10/06/10 at 18:05:00


MoviesMediaAndMore says: 10/06/10 at 18:17:44

And that great placement has already resulted in a sale coming from Google Products! Hurray!

Your Friend,

momspennies says: 10/06/10 at 19:54:48

I reported it two weeks ago when we moved from Page 3 to page 1. http://www.bonanza.com/forums/4/topics/132236
Here was the screenshot then:

Glad to see it happening so quickly. I think we deserve it. We’re finally moving up in the world.

froggieb says: 10/06/10 at 20:02:16

I want to know who is going to be searching for Bonanza to find something to buy anyway. Aren’t they more likely to search for Ivory Necklace, or Red Dress, or Dog Collar?

Once Bonanza is a household word like E, you know that other place, they won’t google, they’ll just type bonanza.com!

It is good to see it rising though!

CoinsYouWant says: 10/06/10 at 20:20:40

we’re moving on up!!!!

polzar says: 10/06/10 at 21:55:05

Thats great to hear but when you try and look up online shopping sites we’re no where to be found. We definitely could use some work in that direction as well. JMHO

shellbysbooth says: 10/07/10 at 01:33:26

Good to here !

SparrowsJewels says: 10/07/10 at 09:22:02

Found me on the 1st page !!!! Thank you Alex !!!

cricket says: 10/07/10 at 10:34:28

Great news.

debdoll says: 10/07/10 at 12:21:07

What wonderful news Alex! Thanks for posting this for all to see.

UknowUneedAnother says: 10/08/10 at 02:50:17


Juliebabe25 says: 10/09/10 at 17:09:16

Good news !

miriamkay says: 10/10/10 at 16:31:44

This is really good news for the whole Bonanza community and for the Boyz that run it

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