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Bonanza in Lucky Magazine
alexwberg Dec 6, 2010

Bonanza in Lucky Magazine

A little more PR coming Bonanza's way for the holidays!  

In the January 2011 issue we are mentioned in Lucky Magazine as part of a short story on how to find $500.00 by cleaning out your closet.  It's not an in-depth review by any stretch, but we're happy to see any mainstream press of course.   The issue doesn't hit the newsstands until after the holiday, but subscribers get them a bit early.  And we happen to know one.  

Not familiar with Lucky Magazine?  Here's a snippet from Wikipedia.

Lucky is a shopping and style magazine which calls itself the "Ultimate Shopping Guide" and "The Magazine About Shopping." Lucky "showcases what to wear and how to wear it, making fashion and beauty fun and accessible." Available by subscription, issues are published once a month and offer shopping tips, fashion advice, and articles detailing current trends. The magazine also runs a website with many similar features.

Since its launch in December 2000, Lucky has been one of Condé Nast's biggest successes, with circulation going from 500,000 to over 1.1 million.  Claiming to be a "voice of a friend in the know," the magazine provides suggestions in a writing style that mimics a conversation with the reader's best, and most likely female, friend. Unlike other magazines that advise their readers on a broad spectrum of issues, Lucky's consumerist tendencies are not confined to the advertising pages (of which there are many), but fill each issue in articles with titles such as: "What I Want Now", "Trend in the Making", "My Foolproof Outfit", and "Do Good While You Shop". Every issue features a spread on some of the cover girl's favorite clothes and trends.

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28 responses to Bonanza in Lucky Magazine

yeshuazgirl says: 12/06/10 at 16:17:07

Never heard of Lucky Magazine….? But good none the less.

OHMYMY says: 12/06/10 at 16:17:18

Awesome!!! congrats!

chill02wolfart says: 12/06/10 at 16:18:50

Way to go; Congratulations, Bonanza!

MrsMysteryGal says: 12/06/10 at 16:23:52

WTG This is SUPER Awesome!

debdoll says: 12/06/10 at 16:25:53

All advertising is good advertising. Wonderful to hear this! Thanks for letting us know.

samnboop says: 12/06/10 at 16:25:54


shellbysbooth says: 12/06/10 at 16:26:38

Congratulations ! Thats more exposure to alot of vintage clothing boutiques, who would do well to go shopping here !

Calcedonia says: 12/06/10 at 16:27:46

This is awesome…

elaine2010 says: 12/06/10 at 16:29:09

Great, you know how people give cash if they can’t figure out the present to give.
Maybe we’ll get some of their Christmas cash in sales!

Rosenthal says: 12/06/10 at 16:38:28

yes, ellie, that a good thought.
And ‘Lucky’? Have to look for it.
Never heard.

newtiques says: 12/06/10 at 17:03:58


Paceset9999 says: 12/06/10 at 17:13:10


PhoenixResale says: 12/06/10 at 17:16:21

That is fantastic! Yay!

purpleiris says: 12/06/10 at 17:22:48

Totally awesome!!

cdvdmart says: 12/06/10 at 17:52:10

Very cool!!

pishposh59 says: 12/06/10 at 18:03:27

I saw it for sale in my store today! Very nice!

driver211 says: 12/06/10 at 18:04:15

Great, any press is great press!!

AbbysAttic says: 12/06/10 at 20:28:48

I agree. I believe Lucky appeals to the teen and twenty something crowd. We’d all be thrilled to have them spend their holiday cash here.

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 12/06/10 at 21:25:47

Nice Press….. and thank you for sharing this with us all.

I’m going to enjoy watching the growth of Bonanza just as I enjoyed Bonanzle…. it’s just a matter of time. Better yet….that time is now…it’s unfolding daily.

gingernellscloset says: 12/07/10 at 05:05:46

Good new! The more we are mentioned the better, might bring in some new customers!

loristhisandthat says: 12/07/10 at 07:30:58

Cool! This makes two times Bonanzle/Bonanza has been mentioned in Lucky

>>10/01/09 | Lucky -The Magazine about Shopping and Style
Your Guide to the Coolest Stuff Online<<

sparklemotion says: 12/07/10 at 10:52:56

I especially like that of those 3 sites bonanza.com is by far the easiest to remember.

HavensRainbow says: 12/10/10 at 20:51:25

That is a cool mention of us in the article. Bring the customers on!

koolbeanzz says: 12/20/10 at 22:55:42

Kool Beans! Even if the mag comes out after the holidays it’s still ok..because we have more holidays coming up!! Super…we’re getting MORE NODS!

jkindkerry says: 12/22/10 at 10:07:23

I wish the entire Bonanza community an abundantly blessed holiday season & new year! EVERYONE is so friendly here so glad I switched

CoinsYouWant says: 12/23/10 at 09:15:19

hoping for more sales and exposure!!!

robinscornernest says: 01/04/11 at 01:56:37

Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blueleon21 says: 01/04/11 at 11:33:08

Great Advertising.Hope to do a lot more in 2011 than I did last year and I hope make more than $500 Great promotion

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