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Bonanza wins a 'Flashie'
alexwberg Dec 2, 2010

Bonanza wins a 'Flashie'

Faithful blog followers will remember that a little while ago we announced that Bonanza was a finalist in the 'Startup Deal of the Year' category for 'the Flashies.'  Well, last night we won!  It was a very distinguished list of nominees that we're honored to be included with.  Other finalists included Picnik, Jambool, Apptio, Precision Polling, and Cequint.  

'The Flashies' are held by Techflash - arguably the most well regarded Technology & Startup Blog in the Seattle area.  

Thanks so much to those of you who took the time to vote.  We're thrilled by the result and the PR is good for us all.  

 - Alex 

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42 responses to Bonanza wins a 'Flashie'

whynotnow says: 12/02/10 at 13:16:11

Well…CONGRAT’S boyz!! …and to ALL of Bonanza!
We rock!

loristhisandthat says: 12/02/10 at 13:22:20

Congrats Bonanza!! Looks like Bill was excited!

xxloversleap says: 12/02/10 at 13:24:08

Congrats, Bonanza!

ladivafashion says: 12/02/10 at 13:38:30

Oh my goodness, that is so exciting! More awards=more interest in our unique site=more sales!

oldbaloo says: 12/02/10 at 13:50:09

WooHoo!!! Congratulations!!!

gingernellscloset says: 12/02/10 at 13:57:08

Excellent news! Congrats gals and guys!

Starfisher says: 12/02/10 at 14:17:05

Congratulations, well deserved!

shopperville says: 12/02/10 at 14:41:38

Congratulations! Great news!

bluepennylady says: 12/02/10 at 14:42:42

Hi all

Congratulations! Totally cool!


AnnappleBonanza says: 12/02/10 at 14:50:40

Congratulations! Very exciting news!

VINTAGECHIC817 says: 12/02/10 at 14:51:31

Congrats to all…

forgetmenot says: 12/02/10 at 15:03:09

Congrats Bonanza – How Exciting

EuropeanGoodies says: 12/02/10 at 15:17:27

Wow, he did it again.
Congrats !! Way cool!

FabFinds says: 12/02/10 at 15:21:21

Congrats !! So Exciting !!

SharsBoutique says: 12/02/10 at 15:21:25

momspennies says: 12/02/10 at 15:54:31

cdvdmart says: 12/02/10 at 15:54:35

That is fabulous!!

CollectMisc says: 12/02/10 at 16:34:38

Liquidation says: 12/02/10 at 16:41:39

Love the Pic! Congratulations!!!!

BookbinEtc says: 12/02/10 at 16:49:58

Queenmum says: 12/02/10 at 17:01:18

Congratulations to Bonanza & all the crew for your hard work and dedication.

Alilbirdy2 says: 12/02/10 at 17:47:05

Hey that is great ! Our PR person needs to do a write up and send it out to as many places as she can. Auctionbytes needs to know about this, as well as other online “News” places.

Mystic-Sales says: 12/02/10 at 18:19:23


pinkdreamr says: 12/02/10 at 19:35:38

Excellent ….twitted and tweeted the news …Too Cool !!!

chill02wolfart says: 12/02/10 at 21:19:18

ALL RIGHT! Congratulations, Bonanza; that is fantastic news!

sparklemotion says: 12/02/10 at 22:10:08

Congratulations on the award!

UknowUneedAnother says: 12/03/10 at 03:26:42

Way to Go! Congratulations!!!

shellbysbooth says: 12/03/10 at 04:18:15

Congratulations ! Well deserved award !

myjewelryshoppe says: 12/03/10 at 04:35:16

Yeah!! Congratulations on the award!

BargainBasement says: 12/03/10 at 04:45:36


Indizona says: 12/03/10 at 05:01:52


pt2bch says: 12/03/10 at 05:20:59


TanBarn says: 12/03/10 at 05:41:56


sarascosmeticshop says: 12/03/10 at 08:52:41

Exceptional News! Congratulations!!

SunflowerAntics says: 12/03/10 at 09:22:18



alicesgiftshop says: 12/03/10 at 09:40:55

Congratulations. We Rock.

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 12/03/10 at 11:34:54


driver211 says: 12/03/10 at 11:50:51

Hey, I’ll drink to that!!

Way to go Bonanza!

ChillyDog says: 12/06/10 at 04:15:59


ArtWearWV says: 12/13/10 at 16:36:14

Good Goin ya’all!

koolbeanzz says: 12/20/10 at 23:03:35

Super congrats boyz on the award! Thx 4 sharing that news..I knew I picked the right site:)

robinscornernest says: 01/04/11 at 01:58:35

Good Job!!!!!! :=) :=)

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