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Early 2018 Marketing Initiatives
BonanzaGrace Jan 17, 2018

Early 2018 Marketing Initiatives

The positive outcomes from last year’s campaigns have helped us identify some strategies and channels that effectively reach new audiences. This year, we’re continuing to reach a wider audience through our increased marketing efforts. As we continue to promote items in different categories, Bonanza is gaining awareness as the go-to shopping place for everything our amazing sellers have to offer.

Facebook ads

As the world’s largest social network, Facebook has proven to be a great channel for us to reach large audiences of new users. We’re able to target groups with demographics and interests in common, which makes our messaging much more personal to the users viewing our ads. Jerseys and team memorabilia are two categories that account for a high number of sales on Bonanza. With this in mind, we’re spending January promoting football jerseys, apparel and other assorted paraphernalia to fans of the football teams in the playoffs.

Pinterest ads

Of the four new marketing channels we explored last year, Pinterest yielded the highest number of sales. Since we love sales as much as our sellers do, we’ve opted to run ongoing campaigns on Pinterest that align with shopping holidays and seasonal buying trends. We started the year off promoting "New Year's Resolution items and are beginning a Valentine’s jewelry campaign this week. Out of over 20,000 categories on Bonanza, Jewelry & Watches are one of the top 10 categories in terms of revenue, with peak sales during January and February.

Looking ahead for the rest of Q1

We’re also excited to continue to working with the editorial team at Cool Mom Picks. Later this month, they will be publishing a Valentine’s Day gift guide featuring items from Bonanza sellers. In order to keep their readers engaged with our brand, Cool Mom Picks will present a curated list of Valentine’s Day items to their enthusiastic audience of over 1 million monthly visitors.

Come March, we’ll be highlighting one of Bonanza’s highest sales category: women’s clothing. In 2017, women’s dress sales saw a 30% increase during March and April. What’s more, nearly 17,000 searches during that time frame included the word “dress.” In order to reach a younger demographic on Facebook and Pinterest users, our fashion campaigns will highlight prom dresses. Additionally, Pinterest is often used for wedding planning and inspiration, so we will run promoted pins featuring wedding guest dresses and bridesmaid dresses. We can’t wait to report back on the performance of these campaigns in the coming months. Each advertising campaign we run helps us identify what drives sales to our sellers, so we're hopeful that these initiatives continue bringing positive results.

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15 responses to Early 2018 Marketing Initiatives

EmpressDepot says: 01/17/18 at 13:34:09

Thank you. Really appreciate this. The visitors and buyers that come here through your ads will and may be visitors again once they know about Bonanza. So your advertising efforts go much further than what they appear at the moment. Like said, I’m looking forward to 2018. Just wish I had some Valentine’s jewelry listed now. lol.

xiamei says: 01/17/18 at 21:42:30

Strive to sell more clothing products, thank you!

Shop09 says: 01/19/18 at 02:13:04

Thank you! This is very useful news

InspiredCreations says: 01/20/18 at 13:20:19

Well done!

colbertclothing says: 01/22/18 at 07:59:36

Y’all are just amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

thecoconutcabinet says: 01/22/18 at 08:54:07

Thank you for everything you do for us Sellers & Buyers!! I Love Bonanza!!

TnT_Deals says: 01/23/18 at 12:34:30

Thank you. I sold my first Swimsuit today. Seems it is working.

Teaklee says: 01/23/18 at 20:56:27

Thank, although I spent 2 month without sold. But I belived that It will improve in new year. Love Bonanza

lanna7272 says: 01/24/18 at 10:53:36

Thank you these blogs are so informative keep up the good work.

bjstlmi says: 01/25/18 at 04:37:09

Very good! Thank you!

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 01/25/18 at 23:07:31

Awesome! Thanks for keeping us informed.

gozerscloset says: 01/25/18 at 23:11:59

Good job!

Khwaab says: 01/26/18 at 23:23:52

Really Good

sccandlesandsoaps says: 01/27/18 at 09:05:33

Great job. In addition to advertising campaigns for most popular/best selling categories I hope you do the same to bring awareness to categories that are not as strong for online sales such as bath products and home décor.

Zs_USA says: 01/28/18 at 23:16:15


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