How to Buy Safely on Bonanza

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Welcome to Bonanza, your trusted online marketplace dedicated to supporting over 20,000 independent sellers. We prioritise providing a safe environment for buyers and offer a range of tools and resources to help you evaluate sellers. In this blog, we will walk you through key indicators to consider before making a purchase, ensuring that you can buy with confidence. Additionally, we will provide essential resources to stay informed about product safety. At Bonanza, our goal is to enable you to find great products at excellent prices while supporting small businesses.

Evaluating Sellers: Key Indicators for Confidence

Feedback Score: Does the seller have a lot of positive feedback? The feedback score is a combination of feedback imported from other platforms (such as eBay or Amazon) and feedback from Bonanza transactions. The seller's feedback score will give you insight into other buyers' experiences with the seller. Click the rating score to review more details. 
Positive Feedback: Assess the seller's feedback score, a combination of feedback imported from other platforms (e.g., eBay, Amazon) and Bonanza transactions. Positive feedback reflects satisfactory experiences from previous buyers.
Detailed Review: Click on the rating score to review more details about specific transactions and the seller's reputation.

Top Rated Seller Status

Exceptional Service: Top Rated Sellers meet specific criteria and performance standards, consistently delivering excellent service and buying experiences.
Consideration for Small Businesses: Note that smaller businesses may not meet all requirements for this status but can still be trustworthy sellers.
Bonanza Membership: Commitment to Selling: Bonanza members regularly pay fees to access additional selling features and benefits. Genuine sellers are more likely to invest their own money and have a valid credit card for membership payment.
Reduced Fraud Risk: The financial commitment required for membership reduces the likelihood of fraudulent sellers.

Profile Assessment

About Me Section: Visit the seller's profile and check if they have taken the time to fill in the "About me" section. This can provide insights into the seller's objectives and personality, adding transparency to their business.
Endorsements: Look for endorsements from other Bonanza users. If respected community members vouch for the seller, it indicates a positive reputation.

Activity and Badges

Account Activity: Determine if the seller has recently logged into their Bonanza account. Active sellers are more likely to respond to customer inquiries and fulfill orders promptly.
Bonanza Badges: Check if the seller has earned Bonanza badges for their involvement on the site. Badge earners demonstrate a commitment to their business and are likely to provide excellent service.

Product Safety: Resources for Buyer Awareness

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Overview: The CPSC ensures the safety of consumer products sold in the United States. Their website provides valuable information on product recalls, safety regulations, and consumer alerts.
Canada Consumer Product Safety Program (CCPSP)
Overview: The CCPSP safeguards Canadians by regulating the safety of consumer products. Visit their website to access product safety information, recalls, and guidelines.
U.K. Office for Product and Safety Standards (OPSS)
Overview: The OPSS promotes product safety standards in the United Kingdom. Their website offers guidance on product recalls, safety regulations, and consumer rights.


At Bonanza, we are committed to ensuring a safe buying experience for our valued customers. By evaluating sellers based on feedback scores, top-rated status, Bonanza membership, profiles, and activity, you can make informed decisions and trust the sellers on our platform. Additionally, it's crucial to stay informed about product safety through government agency resources like the U.S. CPSC, Canada CCPSP, and U.K. OPSS. Together, let's support small businesses, find great deals, and make Bonanza your go-to marketplace.
Remember, if you encounter any issues with your order, most sellers on Bonanza are willing to work with you to resolve the problem. Our community of small businesses is known for being friendly and helpful. For further protection, Bonanza offers Buyer Protection Plans to ensure a secure transaction.
By following the guidelines outlined in this blog and staying informed about product safety, you can have a rewarding and secure shopping experience on Bonanza. We strive to connect buyers with reputable sellers, offering a wide range of products at great prices while supporting independent businesses.
We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into evaluating sellers and staying informed about product safety. Remember, your satisfaction is our priority, and we are continuously working to maintain a safe and enjoyable marketplace for all. Happy shopping at Bonanza!


While the indicators and resources mentioned in this blog are designed to assist buyers in making informed decisions, they do not guarantee absolute trustworthiness or safety. It's essential to exercise personal judgement and follow best practices when making purchases online.

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    Bonanza needs to revive their app.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
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    Hi HolleyH8! We’re working on the app now! Thanks for your feedback.

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    ABSOLUTELY correct!

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