How to make commission-free sales

Since the beginning of time (or at least 2008) we’ve been sweating the small stuff so that you don’t have to. But when you go the extra mile to drive traffic to your business, we think it deserves recognition. Unfortunately, we can’t track each of you down individually for a hearty pat on the back, but that got us thinking: is there another way we can acknowledge these above-and-beyond efforts?

The answer is yes: commission-free sales. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed on Bonanza, and we feel that sharing information about how to make commission-free sales can help with that.

There are three ways to receive commission-free traffic:

  1. Use a website as a free traffic source
  2. Use your free referral link in your own marketing efforts
  3. Create a customer marketing coupon

Commission-free means that when you make a sale as a result of the above efforts, you won’t pay any final value fees. These sales include any sales made to buyers whose last arrival to Bonanza came via one of these three methods.

Why do we look at the last arrival to Bonanza?

Our birthday wish is to become clairvoyant, but until that happens, it can be incredibly difficult to determine a buyer’s first ever entry point to Bonanza. In order to better predict the cause of a sale, we look at how the buyer arrived to the site during the same session in which they made the purchase.

With that, let’s take a closer look at these referral methods.

1. Driving traffic from a website

One way to make a commission-free sale is by designating a website to drive traffic from. This can be pretty much any website that’s not one of our Broadcaster partners (like Google or Bing). When a buyer makes a purchase in your booth as a result of the website you linked to, you will not pay any final value fees.

To designate a website, visit your referral page.

2. Using your referral link

Each seller has their own unique referral ID. You can use this referral code whenever you’re sharing a link to your booth or item listings — simply add your referral ID to the end of the URL. Here’s a breakdown of a URL with a referral ID:

Example 1

Jenny, owner of Carpet Diem, sells unique rugs and textiles. Her friend Lisa wants to order a doormat, so Jenny sends her a link to her booth that includes her referral code.

Example 2

Gina is offering a discount on all items from her new booth category. She tweets the news using her referral link in the tweet. Any purchases from buyers that came to the site from that link will be commission-free.

3. Using the Customer Marketing Tool

At Bonanza, a one-time customer has a 30% chance of returning to your store and making a purchase for a second time, so imagine the possibilities with commission-free customer marketing coupons. Whether you create a campaign from scratch or use one of our pre-made templates, any sales that are a result of a customer marketing campaign will be free of FVFs.

Here are some ideas for campaigns through the Customer Marketing Tool:

  • Turn their frown upside-down. Offer a coupon to buyers who have left negative feedback — it could turn their experience around.
  • Give them meatballs for their spaghetti. Offer discounts on specific items to buyers who have bought similar items in the past.
  • Say “thank you for being a friend.” Design and create your own loyalty program for your repeat customers by offering coupons to your frequent buyers.

You can learn all about creating these campaigns here.

Other sources of traffic

If buyers are coming to your booth as a combination of your efforts and our efforts (like through search engine results) those sales will be charged our base 3.5% FVF rate.

If Bonanza is spending money to target buyers, your Broadcaster rate allows us to maximize the number of buyers you receive. These traffic sources include:

  • Traffic from the advertising platforms you've opted into via the Broadcaster
  • Shoppers visiting Bonanza directly due to Bonanza's advertising efforts
  • Sites that are part of our affiliate network (e.g. Ebates)
  • Emails sent by Bonanza on behalf of sellers (e.g. dropped cart emails)

Here are a few example scenarios of our FVF structure:

  • A buyer sees an ad you created on Facebook, clicks through to the site, and makes a purchase from your booth. This sale is commission-free.
  • A buyer uses a website like Google or Bing to search for an item. They visit Bonanza from that search and make a purchase from your booth. This sale is subject to our base 3.5% fee.
  • A buyer sees an advertisement paid for by Bonanza, clicks through to the site, and eventually make a purchase from your booth. This sale is subject to your Broadcaster commission level.

More ways to grow your business

Sellers who take advantage of these commission-free sales methods are growing their revenue, increasing their repeat buyer percentage, and improving their online businesses as a whole. Interested in more tips on selling online? Check out our Seller Success center.

Do you have a question unrelated to this post? Contact support or visit the Help Center. 

35 responses to How to make commission-free sales

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    04/27/18 at 12:32:02

    Okay great! Thanks for the information.

  • ooak says:
    04/27/18 at 12:40:07


  • MyTexasTreasures says:
    04/27/18 at 12:49:26

    1.This sounds wonderful but I am confused about this. I have been charged anywhere from 13-18% on sales that did not come through Bing or google shopping for the past 6 months and cannot get help or resolution. I have social media clients who have worked with me for 5- 6 years and each time they renew a package by coming directly to my store, not via any link or search engine I am charged far more than the 3% for this. For the first 4- 5 years with the SAME clients I was charged 3% but all of a sudden it changed. Every client has offered to write support to state they did not come in via an affiliate link but I cannot get billing to help or change the commission charged. I have also requested info as to how billing thinks these people came to my store but was told that cannot be tracked? I have no problem paying a higher commission on sales generated via Google Shopping, but do with long time clients who renew packages each month who do not come in via an affiliate link.
    2. Can you create a twitter link with an item rather than a booth, I am confused as to how this would be done.
    And would the referral link work on google plus, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites?

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    04/30/18 at 09:56:40

    Hi MyTexasTreasures!

    Thanks for reaching out. My apologies for the confusion about these sales coming from loyal customers. We’re working on getting to the bottom of this and will be reaching out privately to gather more information from you and make sure you’re being charged fairly.

    In terms of sharing a link on Twitter, Pinterest, or any social media sites, as long as your referral ID is included, the commission will be free. You can add the referral ID to the end of any item listing or your booth link.

    To find your referral ID, visit the Broadcaster (Selling dropdown menu > Advertise my items) and select the “Free Referral Traffic” tab (second from the right). You can see examples of your links with the referral ID, as well as copy the ID and add it to the end of any item listing link or your booth link.

    Please stay tuned for communication from us, and we thank you in advance for your patience!

  • FrogAndBearCreations says:
    04/27/18 at 13:08:05

    Great news!
    What about driving traffic from our facebook business page?

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    04/30/18 at 09:49:38

    Hi FrogAndBearCreations!

    Great to hear from you. When you share a link to your booth or an item on your Facebook page, be sure to include the referral ID and the resulting sales will be commission-free.

    Traffic from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) that does not include a referral ID will be charged at the base rate (3.5%).

    Thanks for your message!

  • gatumi says:
    04/27/18 at 13:41:08

    Fantastic, thank you for the update, it was really helpful!

  • ArtsyCrafteryStudio says:
    04/27/18 at 14:23:45

    Thank you! Didn’t know about this. Am adding my website now.


  • selah53 says:
    04/27/18 at 14:48:36

    Love it – thanks…. but I confess to being somewhat confused.
    I’m wanting to use Pinterest as my referral website. Because I’m Canadian when I log into Pinterest it’s
    Most of my buyers are American and so use
    Does that make a difference?
    Also when adding my website address would I use one of the above or would I enter

    As far as ‘testing’ I’ve tried adding the “&test=1” and see no message anywhere. I must be missing something… sigh

    thanks again :)

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    04/30/18 at 09:43:48

    Hi selah53,

    Thanks for your message! The website you select should be whichever website your buyers will be coming from. If you’d like to count buyers that come from your Pinterest profile, and your customer base is mostly US buyers, makes the most sense from my understanding of the situation! This means that if a US-based (or .com using) buyer clicks through to your booth from your Pinterest profile page and makes a purchase, you will not pay commission from that sale.

    I’m unable to troubleshoot the testing message, but if you contact our support team they’d be more than happy to work with you on that! Thanks for choosing Bonanza :)


  • aenews says:
    04/27/18 at 14:51:06

    Yep I’ve been advertising via referral link ever since I found out about this feature a while back. Extremely handy and gives me another reason to recommend Bonanza to other sellers.

  • misskeech says:
    04/27/18 at 17:14:11

    How would this work if we have another seller tweet our items, as there are some sellers that sell that service? Also, if we tweet one of our items without our unique link, at what rate if any are we charged is someone purchases something from that link (without the unique code?)

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    04/30/18 at 09:47:54

    Hi misskeech!

    If another seller (or anyone else, for that matter) is tweeting a link to your items, be sure to provide them with a link that includes your referral ID at the end.

    Traffic from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) that does not include a referral ID will be charged at the base rate (3.5%).

    Thanks for your message, and happy selling!

  • shopping_198 says:
    04/27/18 at 17:39:48

    Thank You!

  • EmpressDepot says:
    04/27/18 at 17:48:05


    This will really encourage me to offer more of a discount now during a marketing campaign. I’ve wanted to offer more of a discount but could not afford to but now I can.

  • haianh99 says:
    04/27/18 at 18:50:07

    Thank you so much!

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    Great!! Thank you!!

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    04/27/18 at 19:00:55

    TY for your intuitive info we all love to learn.
    As always YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

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    Awesome.. that was great information.. Thanks!

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    Just updated my Twitter link, thanks!

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