New Rushes Available for Sign Up

Hi everyone – a quick FYI here.

We have some new Rush categories available for sign-up from the ‘Join a Rush’ page.  The categories are more refined than some of our previous ones in an effort to reduce the number of items and make Rushes easier to shop.  

The new categories are:

  • - Dolls & Bears
  • - Movie Memorabilia
  • - CDs
  • - Sports Memorabilia
  • - Baby Gear, Bedding, & Toys

And, a quick note on Rushes in general.  Per my recent blog post we are working on refining Rushes to make them better.  A few highlights include...

  • - We are testing different (later) Rush times and durations.  
  • - We improved the speed of Rush pages by reducing the size of the images by 30%.  This change applies to the homepage and search too so the site should be snappier.  
  • - We replaced the space consuming image posts in chat with text links that launch a pop-up to conserve space.  

Up next for Rushes?  A smaller size for chat, more performance enhancements, and spam prevention tools.  

18 responses to New Rushes Available for Sign Up

  • caverlysports says:
    11/18/10 at 09:10:14

    Thanks Alex

    I think the further breakdown should be helpful.

  • Memaws16 says:
    11/18/10 at 09:15:13

    Sounds good!

  • ScouterMuffin says:
    11/18/10 at 09:16:43

    Please include in your tweaking a tweak for Search and Filters. Geez, I was wandering around a recent rush on clothes and could not get the filters to properly filter. Every time I clicked on a filter like jeans, the size filter would magically go poof! It was frustrating and down right aggravating to narrow down a search in a rush. I left that rush instead of going through all those pages of things of no interest.

  • DS520Diecast says:
    11/18/10 at 09:25:13

    Thanks for adding Sports Memorabilia!

  • alexwberg says:
    11/18/10 at 09:30:41

    @ ScouterMuffin – I’ll message you privately for details.

  • Abbysantiques says:
    11/18/10 at 09:30:51

    I had the same problem as Muffin in all three rushes. Also had a hard time getting back to the main page to start a new search. Most of the time I had to click at the bottom of the site on Rush and then start at the beginning again.
    Still think they are a great idea.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/18/10 at 09:33:08

    @ Abbysantiques – you can start a new search by clicking the (x) next to the search filters you have applied. Clicking the X removes the filter.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    11/18/10 at 09:38:46

    I think less items will definitely make browsing and shopping easier.

    Will doll & Bear making patterns be included in the D & B rush?

    If listed under D & B, they are not included in the sewing rush. If listed under Crafts, Sewing, they are swamped with a million other patterns.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/18/10 at 10:33:05

    @ BookbinEtc – doll and bear patterns are not in the Rush. Just Dolls, Bears, and Paper Dolls.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    11/18/10 at 11:29:04

    Thanks Alex

    That makes sense for sellers of those items.

  • Silkworm says:
    11/18/10 at 11:32:25

    That is good news. Any plans to pare down the Collectibles category before it runs? There’s over 76000 items in it now.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/18/10 at 11:56:33

    @ Silkworm – we’re not going to remove items from Rushes that have already been scheduled. That doesn’t feel right for those who signed up.

  • momspennies says:
    11/18/10 at 12:11:09

    Glad to see CD’s being included now. I’ll be sure to throw mine in the ring on the next one.

  • Lisas_TX_Treasures says:
    11/18/10 at 13:13:29

    Hope it brings lots of business for everyone!

  • Silkworm says:
    11/18/10 at 13:51:55

    Ah, yes. That wouldn’t be fair since folks have already signed up. I’ll wait til next time then. Hope to see a few handcrafted categories pop up soon.

  • ladivafashion says:
    11/18/10 at 17:07:13

    I look forward to more refining…someday “Rush” will be a household word!

  • says:
    11/28/10 at 12:31:10

    Great idea for refining, I believe it will be one of the best on site.

  • gingernellscloset says:
    12/01/10 at 05:20:24

    Thanks for the updates, always a work in progress!

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