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New Shipping Options
alexwberg Dec 7, 2010

New Shipping Options

 Hi everyone – I’m happy to announce some new free shipping options which are rolling out of our experimental features ‘sandbox’ and are now into a live BETA.  

They are entirely optional right now so if you don’t want to ‘kick the tires’ you don’t have to.  To be super clear, there’s nothing at all you need to do.  We didn’t change anyone’s existing settings, rates, or anything about their items.  

At a high-level there are three features of note.  First is the ability to set different shipping services and prices.  Second is a newly enhanced shipping calculator.  And third is the ability to set a preference for how and where your packages are dropped off (or picked up) for shipping.  There’s a lot to cover here so I’ll take these one at a time.

Different shipping services and prices:  for each item you can now set multiple shipping services to give buyers more choice.  Want cheap shipping?  We have an option for that.  Want to offer expedited shipping?  We have an option for that too.  Each choice comes with the ability to set your own price of course.  For example, if you want to set one item at $5.00 for USPS Parcel Post and offer UPS 3-Day for $15 you can do that too.  By default your item detail pages will list the least expensive option.  Want to take a look?  Just edit any of your items and explore the options in the drop-down menu after the ‘buyer pays fixed price option.’   

If you want to offer your buyers a second choice (or third…) just select ‘Specify additional shipping service choices’ and a new menu selection will appear.  Be sure to click ‘save this item’ when you’re doing adding any new options.

New shipping calculator: we’re happy to offer an improved version of our shipping cost calculator at no cost to you.  For those of you who opt to use calculated shipping we now offer estimated costs to ship your packages to three geographical areas for multiple shipping methods (speeds) for USPS, UPS and FedEx.  As many of you know, calculating shipping costs for different carriers, package sizes, and destinations, is, well, hard.   There’s a reason many of our competitors don’t even bother trying.  However, we’re keen on giving it another go as know it’s important to some of you.  

To use the new shipping calculator just select ‘buyer pays calculated’ in the shipping details when editing any item.  From there you can choose UPS or FedEx, enter your item weight and approximate size to get an array of estimates to different regions.  The calculator factors in your zip code to estimate costs.  Want even greater accuracy on your costs?  Check out the package drop off (or pickup) preferences below.

Pick up or drop off?  Available at the very bottom of the ‘Advanced Settings’ page is a set of preferences for drop off or pick up for UPS and Fed Ex.  Obviously, getting a carrier to do a one-off pick up at your home (not regularly scheduled) is the likely the most expensive option.  For example, rates for UPS can vary by up to 30% depending on drop off type.  Set these preferences and they too will be factored into your shipping costs.  

Wondering what all the fuss is about?  Calculated shipping isn’t for everyone.  In fact, less than 5% of our merchants use this feature currently.  So, if you’re content enough with the current options feel free to ignore this blog post and the new feature.  Of course, if you’re this far down the page it’s probably a little late for that.  Thanks to everyone for their patience as we worked on integrating this exceedingly complex feature.  If there’s one thing we know for sure – this feature isn’t and probably will never be perfect; certainly not to the penny.  We probably should have called it the ‘Shipping Estimator’ instead, but there’s no going back now.  

If you have bugs or feedback regarding any of these features please be sure to be as specific as possible in your emails to support.  

- Alex 


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37 responses to New Shipping Options

VINTAGECHIC817 says: 12/07/10 at 11:59:14

Great job…thanks

Sofy'sSeasonal says: 12/07/10 at 12:36:43

Alex..has Bill said if FedEx is straightened out since he and I talked yesterday? Also, do we need to do shipping profiles? Thanks!

Sofy'sSeasonal says: 12/07/10 at 12:42:29

oops another ?? When there are rate increases will the calculators take care of that?

Alilbirdy2 says: 12/07/10 at 12:44:28

It is great that there are so many shipping options, it is a shame Digital shipping could not be added to those options.

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 12/07/10 at 13:02:23

Woooohooooooo!! Go Alex!!!!

BookbinEtc says: 12/07/10 at 13:12:12

This should make some sellers happy, and if it works well, will probably increase the percentage of sellers using calc. shipping.

starshinin says: 12/07/10 at 13:15:52

works great as i’ve been editin booth my booths. great job!!!

alexwberg says: 12/07/10 at 13:20:57

@Sofy’s Seasonal – we are passing them the right data and they are providing what you see. We are communicating with them, but don’t have an ETA on any changes on their side.

alexwberg says: 12/07/10 at 13:23:21

@Sofy’s Seasonal – they sure should! It’s really in the shipping carriers’ hands to provide back the right data to us.

Vintagemaven says: 12/07/10 at 13:55:56

Is this new shipping calculator going to remain free or is there some point at which there is a charge? Thank you

alexwberg says: 12/07/10 at 14:01:50

@Vintagemaven – no plans to charge for usage.

Vintagemaven says: 12/07/10 at 14:07:37

Thank you Alex.
Happy Holidays.

DonutzBazaar says: 12/07/10 at 14:10:46

Does this also work for calculated International shipping??

HavensRainbow says: 12/07/10 at 14:27:45

Awesome news. Thank you!!

alexwberg says: 12/07/10 at 14:40:56

@grabadeal – You can’t specify multiple shipping options for international shipping, but if you set a dropoff type in the booth’s advanced options, that will apply to domestic or intl shipping.

DS520Diecast says: 12/07/10 at 15:27:41

Great news Alex! Multiple thumbs up!

cdvdmart says: 12/07/10 at 16:01:01

Very cool! Thanks!

AnnappleBonanza says: 12/07/10 at 16:55:15

Good deal! Will be starting to implement this on new listings. Thanks!

HodgePodgeLodge says: 12/07/10 at 16:55:51

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

AbbysAttic says: 12/07/10 at 17:24:04


NecktieGuy says: 12/07/10 at 17:34:22

Very Nice. Thanks for the Efforts.

purpleiris says: 12/07/10 at 17:53:41

Most excellent!! I’ll have to check it out. One question, though, is the USPS not integrated into the calculated shipping part? Or do we have to use fixed pricing for USPS? I currently use fixed pricing, but have some items I’d like to be able to use calculated on and most of them would be sent via USPS. I do love having the ability to set multiple shipping options, though. Thanks!!

collectiblecorner says: 12/07/10 at 19:00:48

I’ve been using calculated USPS shipping ever since I joined 2 years ago. I’m not clear on whether I can still do so. Everything here mentions it’s available for UPS and Fedex. I’d like some clarificaiton.

MoldavitePlus says: 12/07/10 at 20:28:19

Are multiple shipping options up and running for shipping profiles and batch editing?

DonutzBazaar says: 12/07/10 at 21:42:29

I love all the options, but I Ran into a little snag. I selected 1st class Parcel, and the box above it and below it are automatically being selected also, without me checking the boxes. I tried several times to uncheck them but they still check themselves… Here’s an item number if you want to see what I mean. #15403843 What I wanted to select is 1st class parcel and the Priority options, but it keeps changing to 1st class for $.98 instead of First Class Parcel for $1.56. Am I doing something wrong?? or is this a glitch? I am selecting USPS.

ladivafashion says: 12/08/10 at 03:44:16

Change is good! Thanks so much for the hard work!

collectableme says: 12/08/10 at 04:02:49

Wonderful. Maybe more sellers will start using the calculated shipping now.

Teragatto says: 12/08/10 at 04:35:02

Excellent update!

driver211 says: 12/08/10 at 05:45:13

wow, that is great. Thanks Alex!

SunflowerAntics says: 12/08/10 at 07:05:49

Wow! Looks clean, simple quick to use. Will it work well with combined shipping discount set by Seller?

Thanks Alex?

alexwberg says: 12/08/10 at 08:04:13

@ purpleiris and CollectibleCorner – USPS is part of the calculated shipping choices it’s just missing from the pick-up and drop-off preferences.

alexwberg says: 12/08/10 at 09:51:37

@MoldavitePlus – Shipping services are saved in shipping profiles, and can be applied with a shipping profile. They are implemented into batch editing to the extent that you can apply shipping profiles to multiple items en masse, but there isn’t a specific interface in the batch editor for setting shipping services.

alexwberg says: 12/08/10 at 09:52:05

@Cheyenne2u – Sure. There is nothing in the shipping services that affects a buyer’s ability to get a combined shipping discount.

alexwberg says: 12/08/10 at 10:19:07

@ grabadeal – we’re looking into this…

alexwberg says: 12/08/10 at 16:25:05

@ grabadeal – we found the problem and will have a fix up in a day or two.

bradsglassart says: 12/08/10 at 19:23:03

Nice to have many shipping choices for our customers to choose from. Thanks for the good job on this.

alexwberg says: 12/09/10 at 22:27:49

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. If you encounter any bugs please notify support!

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