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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (31)

MONTROSE says: October 21, 2012

Sir Bradley is someone very “Special” as an artist, a pillar of the Mont-Community and a genuine person to know. You will get the BEST from this guy. Heck, he ROCkS as the Beat Goes On…

Take Care my BeST FRiEND and here’s wishing you ALL the BEST Life can offer. YOU built it and now they come to BUY your gorgeous craft…ciaO, MONTROSE

StrungCreations says: January 09, 2012

Hello, I have known Brad for years now, and he is one of the most talented artist, and puts in 100%. I have some of his beautiful glass works, and want more, he’s always coming up with NEW Ideals, and they are beautiful. Check out this Fine Artist, and you will end up purchasing something.

josnookr says: December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas every friend!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

collectiblecorner says: November 15, 2011

Not just an incredibly talented artist, but professional and friendly and anxious to please. I’m a very happy repeat customer, having purchased some of Brad’s jewelry in the past, and just received delivery on a stunning sandblasted piece. I’m proud and thrilled to be able to own some of his beautiful one of a kind work.

CritterCreekRanch says: November 15, 2011

Lovely items at a wonderful price.. buy with confidence from bradsglassart!!

MONTROSE says: November 09, 2011

Brad is one of the BEST friends everyone should have â–º I should know!
A team player in all sense of the word and a successful businessman within his own right. Have a Happy New Year, bye bye Monty

MONTROSE says: April 12, 2011

MONTROSE can vouch 500% for this members’ character to be of good nature, a SUPER businessman/artist and someone I would even lend money in 2012 to start his own international online business toO! I approve this MONTdorsement

todaysfinds says: February 14, 2011

Fine quality merchandise is represented in this booth from an Award Winning Artist with a unique and spectacular talent. Brad is an extremely nice individual and I have enjoyed corresponding with him. True asset to the Bonanza Community and I highly recommend this Seller!

BARNTIQUES859 says: January 10, 2011

a truly fine, perceptive, sensitive person; who’s talent displays his compassion for the basic beauty in life. A gifted artist, a fair & respected businessman, that is beyond an asset to the Bonanza Family.

vcrison says: December 21, 2010

Brad is a great person to work with and his art is truly unique. My wife and I purchased several stained glass window units from him and they were absolutely fantastic. His work is perfection and he is such a great person to help you to decide what is right for you. I highly recommend Brad for all of your glass art needs. He is truly a unique artist in his field. Vinces Jewelry Gallery

StrungCreations says: October 20, 2010

Brad is a very talented artist, and his work is beautiful. I have a few of his things, and I WANT MORE! He is very PROMPT on answering emails, and shipping out the product.A truly Amazing Artist all the way around.

OVYEE says: October 06, 2010

Wow recieved a piece from Brad …thank you it is GORGEOUS ~ What an Art i s t

CindyBear says: October 01, 2010

Beautiful glass art. Professional seller and an enjoyable transaction. Gorgeous plate. An asset to the bonanza community.

GoGoMONTROSe says: September 14, 2010

Here is a seller we recommend to others, his character and business savvy is indeed of the Finest-Level one could imagine. Infact, we would even offer a LOAN should he decide to expand his artistry outside this venue. GoGoMONTROSe says â–º that’s a M0NT-Promise!

shotsy says: August 25, 2010

Brad is a pleasure to work with. Beautiful items packed well and shipped quickly. Thanks Brad.

MONTROSE says: April 20, 2010

he Reputable MONTROSE, with OvER +200 Endorsements, ALL of which were individually executed by the “Willing MEMBERSHiP” with a request for ACCEPTANCE, allows my continual journey to 0ffspring} Self-empowerment, Confidence and SUPPORT donating tireless ongoing hours to Bonz-Community via 1-on-1 &/or thru uNiTY for betterment of site & member booths. MEMBER==> (bradsglassart) is another true example of professionalism and demonstrates what real seller-role models should be. I reconfirm and APPROvE this Personal eNDORSEMENT to be accurate

shoppersdreamsstores says: January 26, 2010

what a wonderful bonanzler allways there to help out. highly recommend this person for any of the items you are buying

MONTROSE says: January 20, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member….Best wishes, M0NTROSe

MONTROSE says: December 17, 2009

As 2009 comes to a final near eND, I would like to take this opportunity to say +hanK yoU for being so kind to mE while I was here. In addition, I hope that my very own AN0N-buyers will READ THiS MeSSAGE so that they will know that M0NTROSE highly recommends they > Buy here FiRST < and sh0P with great confidence from this reputable seller…Perhaps our paths shall cross again someday…bye bye, just MONTROSe.

RiverOaks says: November 12, 2009

I am so pleased with my recent purchase that this seller is to be highly recommended in all areas of presentation. Seller is now on my fav list for future purchases.

crystalhaze says: October 12, 2009

I just received one of Brad’s gorgeous hand made pendants. It is so beautiful. The way it catches the light is awesome, & everyone compliments me when I wear it. I love knowing that it is a OAK original, being an artist myself it is so cool to wear art! Brad is a wonderful artist, so nice to deal with & the packaging & shipment was super. Christmas is coming and Brads Glass Art should be on your list!!

Redhighell says: October 05, 2009

I spoke with Brad to let him know how thrilled I was with the earring I bought for my daughter. I understand his craft is an intense, time consuming effort and requires the creative process and patience of an angel. I’ll continue to be one of Brad’s faithful Buyers! He DESERVES!! acknowledgement, AND Lots of SALES! for his Divine Designs! He’s a truly affable man, open to suggestions and I appreciate being able to thank him. YOU GO BRAD!!!! Blessings to you and yours! PATTY

ew410 says: October 01, 2009

I just received my first piece from Brad’s Glass Art!! STUNNING it is…Absolutely beautiful work! I will be doing business with him….THANK YOU, Elaine

Somethingpretty says: July 08, 2009

Brad is a very talented Glass Artist.
Imagine my surprise this morning- when I picked up my mail and found a lovely Glass Art Magnet with a beautiful Butterfly encased inside. What on earth did I ever do to warrant this thoughtful gift from him.
Thoughtful and talented are two words that come to mind when I think of Brad.
I don’t think you would ever be disappointed in the lovely things you order from him.

MONTROSE says: June 12, 2009

FYi uPDATE: My family just informed me that they’re very happy to have purchased THOUSAND$ of your original artwork from your own DiRECT website:

AND/or ~ Please take a moment to visit sellers’ (bradsglassart) b00tH next…MONTR0Se reapproves this message!

RayvensRarities says: May 23, 2009

Beautiful items and a very professional looking store. Another fine addition to the “family” and to Bonanzle as well

crystalhaze says: May 18, 2009

Beautiful work! I am proud to support such a talented artist. Your work is stunning

ELKcrossing says: May 16, 2009

Fabulous Bonanzler! A real asset to Bonanzle and the world. You won’t go wrong shopping here!…the ELk -is-crossing…

LadyGodiva says: May 16, 2009

My brother told me about your glass artwork and looking forward in meeting you when I am online doing my shopping. Please send a message in advance each month when having a scheduled Bonanza so that I may allot time to revisit your booth next ~ LadyGodiva

MONTROSE says: May 16, 2009

After learning that this creative artist sells his very own GlassArtWorks captures my interest by 100%…I believe I will be making some major purchases thru-0uT this summer since these items are not mass produced but mainly produced by the seller = HiMSeLf…….I, MONTROSE, approve this MeSSAGE!

MOONcoins says: May 09, 2009

MOON is “tickled pinK” to be the FiRST EndorsemenT. This seller responds instantly with messages along with OBO standing OFFeRS…Infact, he’s having a BONANzA today!…Check hiM OuT ~ ThE MOON thanks ya’