Sell your clothes faster with the Bonanza Fashion Exchange

Introducing the Bonanza Fashion Exchange

Bonanza has always been and will always be the best marketplace for sellers to connect with buyers online.  However, not everyone who has great items has the time (or patience!) to become a successful online merchant.  What if there was a faster way to get money for your stuff without taking pictures, determining price/title/description, and the rest of that ball o' wax?  Well, now there is.


Bonanza Fashion Exchange


Choose the clothes you want to sell, ship them to us, and get paid

The Bonanza Fashion Exchange is a way for people to quickly sell the extra clothes in their closets.  You can get a pre-paid Bonanza Gift Card or just take the cash.  We're currently only taking women's clothing (dresses, tops, pants, jeans, and skirts) in good condition and have a long list of brands that we'll accept.  We give you an estimate for how much you'll earn, so you can determine right away if it's worth it to you.

Once we get your clothes, we'll appraise them and make you an offer -- if you don't accept it, we'll return your clothes to you.  If you do accept it, we'll reimburse your shipping costs in addition to our payment.  Then, we'll take the measurements and pictures, create the listing and do our best to sell your clothes.

An opportunity for us to create a better selling experience for all

What gets us particularly excited about the Fashion Exchange is that we finally get a chance to "eat our own dog food" (delicious, gravy-covered steak dog food) and actively become a seller on our site.  We know a lot about the academic side of selling items, but we're always looking for more hands-on experience about what it takes to get noticed in the Google/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest universe.  The Fashion Exchange is our chance to walk a mile in our sellers' shoes, and find the opportunities to make our selling process easier, smoother, and more effective.

Of course, this will only be a meaningful learning experience if we play by the same rules as every other Bonanza seller.  Thus, all items sold through the Bonanza Fashion Exchange will be listed using the same tools used by our sellers, and will be given no special designation anywhere in our system.  We will apply the same techniques we've recommended for adding keywords to listings and taking good photos.  Whenever we find a tweak that helps us to increase sales, we will incorporate that knowledge into our existing help documents.   When we find really juicy morsels to help drive more sales, we will report them on this blog.

A key goal here is for this project to create a blueprint we can pass on to the rest of our selling community to help all Bonanza sellers make more dollars. 

Try it for yourself!

If you've got a closet full of great brands that you don't have the time to list youself, give the Bonanza Fashion Exchange a try and let us know what you think.  As with all things Bonanza, we expect to be adapting the program frequently in response to the great ideas generated by our users, so we'll be looking forward to hearing your ideas on how to improve the offering.


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