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Sell your clothes faster with the Bonanza Fashion Exchange
ryanhicks Apr 13, 2012

Sell your clothes faster with the Bonanza Fashion Exchange

Introducing the Bonanza Fashion Exchange

Bonanza has always been and will always be the best marketplace for sellers to connect with buyers online.  However, not everyone who has great items has the time (or patience!) to become a successful online merchant.  What if there was a faster way to get money for your stuff without taking pictures, determining price/title/description, and the rest of that ball o' wax?  Well, now there is.


Bonanza Fashion Exchange


Choose the clothes you want to sell, ship them to us, and get paid

The Bonanza Fashion Exchange is a way for people to quickly sell the extra clothes in their closets.  You can get a pre-paid Bonanza Gift Card or just take the cash.  We're currently only taking women's clothing (dresses, tops, pants, jeans, and skirts) in good condition and have a long list of brands that we'll accept.  We give you an estimate for how much you'll earn, so you can determine right away if it's worth it to you.

Once we get your clothes, we'll appraise them and make you an offer -- if you don't accept it, we'll return your clothes to you.  If you do accept it, we'll reimburse your shipping costs in addition to our payment.  Then, we'll take the measurements and pictures, create the listing and do our best to sell your clothes.

An opportunity for us to create a better selling experience for all

What gets us particularly excited about the Fashion Exchange is that we finally get a chance to "eat our own dog food" (delicious, gravy-covered steak dog food) and actively become a seller on our site.  We know a lot about the academic side of selling items, but we're always looking for more hands-on experience about what it takes to get noticed in the Google/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest universe.  The Fashion Exchange is our chance to walk a mile in our sellers' shoes, and find the opportunities to make our selling process easier, smoother, and more effective.

Of course, this will only be a meaningful learning experience if we play by the same rules as every other Bonanza seller.  Thus, all items sold through the Bonanza Fashion Exchange will be listed using the same tools used by our sellers, and will be given no special designation anywhere in our system.  We will apply the same techniques we've recommended for adding keywords to listings and taking good photos.  Whenever we find a tweak that helps us to increase sales, we will incorporate that knowledge into our existing help documents.   When we find really juicy morsels to help drive more sales, we will report them on this blog.

A key goal here is for this project to create a blueprint we can pass on to the rest of our selling community to help all Bonanza sellers make more dollars. 

Try it for yourself!

If you've got a closet full of great brands that you don't have the time to list youself, give the Bonanza Fashion Exchange a try and let us know what you think.  As with all things Bonanza, we expect to be adapting the program frequently in response to the great ideas generated by our users, so we'll be looking forward to hearing your ideas on how to improve the offering.


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54 responses to Sell your clothes faster with the Bonanza Fashion Exchange

GrandmasPantry says: 04/16/12 at 13:58:28

Basically, you are buying the clothes, selling them and keeping the actual amount you get for the items for yourselves. Did I get that right?

So if there is a profit over the top of what the original seller was paid, it isn’t split between Bonanza and the original seller – it is all Bonanza’s money.

In other words, if you appraise a lot of clothing for $300 and the seller accepts and you go on to sell the stuff for $500, you netted an easy $200.

Who is doing the appraising, what is their expertise/experience and how does the original seller know for sure if the Bonanaza offer is a true benefit to them? In other words, how does the original seller know that they won’t be taken advantage of, if they aren’t fully aware of the value of their items?

ryanhicks says: 04/16/12 at 14:38:59

@GrandmasPantry – Great questions! Our appraisers have experience with used clothes from spending time at similar brick-and-mortar exchange stores. We make it clear what our appraisers think the items are worth; before the original owners of the clothes accept our offer, they’ll be fully aware of the value of their items.

divinefabricsnmore says: 04/16/12 at 17:04:03

I just NOW saw this on the Front Page! Wow, that’s a really NEW concept, for sure!
I’d have to give this some good thoughts in regards to Bonanza looking forward to hearing our ideas, so for all I’ll say, is what I really usually say and I Truly Do mean…that I Hope the VERY Best for ALL concerned in this New Feature, in other words BOTH for the People Who’ll be Selling their Fashions to Bonanza’s Fashion Exchange and to Bonanza Who Will Create Listings to Sell what Bonz Acquires for this New Feature, too!

I’m also looking forward to the inputs…I noticed people have LOTS of ideas, and are always willing to share, that’s ONE thing I Love about Bonanza, The Sharing!

pacificarising says: 04/16/12 at 17:22:26

Hmmm. Interesting. Just 2 questions..

Why not shoes?

What happens if you guys don’t want the item after you’ve received it? Do you send it back or do you require photos of the items before the owner sends them to you?

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 09:05:34

(I added a reply to the “why not shoes” question below.)

So long as the product isn’t an imitation or in poor condition, we’ll be making an offer on it. We aren’t excited about working with people who try to sell knock-offs, but we’ll return them to the seller for a fee or donate them to charity.

sparklemotion says: 04/16/12 at 17:23:25

So, what I think you’re saying is that someone at Bonanza used to work at the Buffalo Exchange?

Well, consignment-by-mail seems like a nightmare to me. Offers rarely meet a seller’s expectations and now you’re raising the stakes by only reimbursing shipping costs if the offer is accepted (if I’m reading that right).

I’m glad you guys are the ones doing this experiment and not me.

GenericUser says: 04/16/12 at 17:35:51

My concern is that now my selling venue will become my competition as a clothing seller. Won’t this be a conflict of interest?

sofyblu2 says: 04/16/12 at 17:45:43

Who are the appraisers?

Catnutti says: 04/16/12 at 17:56:06

Is this an April Fools joke? Better late than never?

jinx'stuff says: 04/16/12 at 18:09:51

sounds like second hand sonsignment shop to me. I would rather GIVE my used clothing to charity!

reksplace36 says: 04/16/12 at 18:17:09

This begs the question:
Is this experiment going to receive
any outside paid advertising from Bonanza?

collectiblecorner says: 04/16/12 at 18:24:45

Well I guess I now have a better understanding of the purpose of the all fashion home page.

“…and will be given no special designation anywhere in our system.” The fact that nothing but fashion is featured on the home page is all the “special” accommodation you need, I think.

When do you officially retire the “Everything but the ordinary” slogan?

MiscLighting says: 04/16/12 at 18:35:37

Well I think it is a wonderful marketing technique.
Listen people, sell your slightly used brand names to a reputable company, dont wait til one at a time maybe sells, box them all up, bonanza will pay, buyers will benefit
Whats not to like?

Iefio_whfupf says: 04/16/12 at 18:46:06

Better said than I could have CollectibleConer!

Why doesn’t Bonz go into the Antique or Collectible or Jewelry or Pottery & Glass business? I have tons I could sell you?

whynotnow says: 04/16/12 at 19:10:32

So…even MORE competition for those who are here who sell clothing? Seems like a marketing tactic for Bonz to make more money…not something that benefits sellers here. I don’t mean to be negative, but I’m not sure why the current (or future) sellers here would be excited by this concept. Did I miss something?

nightrunway says: 04/16/12 at 20:00:48

Unless you’re doing strictly designer clothing, I think the shipping cost will eat your profits.

Tweety7777 says: 04/16/12 at 20:15:04

I’d like better clarification of the term “blouse”. The picture shows a top, not a blouse. Do you mean strictly button up blouses or any top by the brands listed?

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 09:03:52

Great feedback. We do mean “tops & blouses,” not just blouses. We’ll see if we can clarify that.

Resale_Fun says: 04/16/12 at 20:17:25

This is wild—will we know what your selling ID is so we can watch your booth? I’d like to see this work..I just dropped a couple pieces of clothing into my booth to see if anything would happen with it. You didn’t choose the brands I would of..but this will be interesting.

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 09:07:54

We won’t be keeping it a secret — once we get some products and create the booth, we’ll let you know.

lovelylittlethings says: 04/16/12 at 20:40:37

Ditto what whynotnow posted; all the sellers, regardless of product line, already face stiff competition. This will just add more. I don’t wish to be negative either; but this doesn’t seem like a well thought out idea.

HavensRainbow says: 04/16/12 at 21:11:36

“The estimates listed above are about half of what we think we’ll be able to sell your clothes for, depending on style and condition. They are not guarantees. We’re pretty good at estimating how much we can sell these for, however, so we wanted to give you an idea of what you might get.”

I quoted this from the link from when clicking on Sell Your Fashion from within the blog.

I think you all are right in that you’ll get a good impression on what it is truly like to sell on here….to try and sell for some kind of profit, not just as a hobby.

Offering about half of what you will sell the clothes for on lower priced fashion will be a hard way to go. By the time you pay half, pay the fees (Paypal and Bonanza), packing material, time spent checking over the item and listing it, packaging it, communicating with the customer (s) along the way and after the sale, the profits will be about tied into all of that to be honest. I can see on higher end items it being more worth it but paying half or about still is a risk, which many of us take on here.

This is not to mention the time that goes into advertising the listings.

I do hope that you all are able to get the stuff and sell it. I’m sure some of it you will. But there is this part of me that hopes Bonanza MGMT will feel as some of us sellers do….that we need more exposure even after we’ve done what we can do to get our listings out there. It can be very frustrating. We need help in getting the bigger name out there.

This idea is definitely unexpected. I’m just wondering what direction this will take Bonanza in, like what are some of your ideas?

Now if you bring the crowds here for high end fashion somehow, please help to focus the site on other types of products, too, like collectibles and books, etc, so that while those shoppers are here looking at that sort of stuff (fashion) that they will also be lead to temptation on all the other good stuff we have here on Bonanza. Help to keep things even please.

Thanks for letting me share some of my thoughts.

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 09:14:23

Well thought out; thanks for the feedback!

This project will be a success if we discover new methods for us to help all of our sellers make more money faster and easier. There are a ton of ways that could happen and I’m eager to get this going so we can discover what they are!

SunflowerAntics says: 04/16/12 at 21:13:13

Great IDEA! I too hope this works well! Will put Bonanza on the map!
ahhhhhhh…now if I had a closet of Name Brand clothes – not hardly!
I’m gon’a spread the FANTASTIC news!

shakeitup says: 04/16/12 at 22:39:52

Great idea, as a concept for just advertising this campaign, the traffic alone will increase and hopefully bring more sales for the bonanza sellers, plus not counting the additional new members, this will bring in the possible buyers that was overlooking bonanza altogether. Nice concept, hope this plan works out.

GrandmasPantry says: 04/17/12 at 01:12:13

I just clicked on the exchange link and noted the low prices Bonanza is willing to pay for a Betsey Johnson dress for example. Those dresses sell new for more than $100, usually $200 plus, and that’s on sale!

I got a funny feeling that seller’s that know the true value of their items on the higher end stuff will not bother with this.

Some of the brands I know nothing about so can not comment but BJ and Juicy Couture for a few dollars just seems like a real stretch to me.

What’s to stop the Bonanza appraisers from selling these clothes to or through their local shops where they may net faster real profits rather than selling the items on Bonanza?

This seems like a variation of Amazon’s fulfillment warehouse or something.

I sure am glad that I don’t sell fashion.

catreasures says: 04/17/12 at 01:13:01

Just sent off an email with questions. Sounds great to me! I LOVE to find bargains in Fashion and I HATE to take the pictures and write the descriptions!

chestoftreasures says: 04/17/12 at 04:30:24

I don’t know! We’ll see!

CritterCreekRanch says: 04/17/12 at 06:10:44

I really do not see the point in all this except for those who do sell fashion online to have more competition, Now as I see it fashion hpl will be as they are showing on the front page, needless to say I think this is the strangest thing yall have ever done, lol sorry I am not trying to be ugly I just dont see the reason behind this unless you all are wanting to start your own thrift store…I just don’t get it..I would think it would be easier if you went to auctions or buy things in your area to resell online, seems to be a big step or risk you are taking just to “walk in our shoes” jmho

GenericUser says: 04/17/12 at 06:24:01

New ideas are good. I am anxious to hear the answers to our constructive questions. It is not fair to jump to conclusions or judge their motives without all the facts. We all want the same thing. Sales and success.

ZenGirl says: 04/17/12 at 06:49:47

I like the idea of Bonanza finding out what it’s really like to be a seller. I also like the idea of them passing along what they learn. This may just be a short-term experiment for all we know. Let’s not over react. But then again, I don’t sell fashion (except for a few items), so I can understand some of the comments above.

ryanhicks says: 04/17/12 at 08:55:25

Great questions and feedback, everyone!

@pacificaRising “Why not shoes?”
@ShamrockAntiques “Why doesn’t Bonz go into the Antique or Collectible or Jewelry or Pottery & Glass business?”

We’re starting this project with a set of products we think we can handle — we’d love to grow it into shoes and everything else Bonanza is known for, but we’d like to know if this experiment has wings before we jump off that cliff.

ryanhicks says: 04/17/12 at 08:56:19

@princessGifts7 “Won’t this be a conflict of interest?”
@whynotnow “MORE competition for those who are here who sell clothing?”
@lovelylittlethings “all the sellers, regardless of product line, already face stiff competition. This will just add more”

We really don’t want that to happen; the only reason we can try this out is because we have a solid core of very successful sellers already making Bonanza awesome. With any change we make, we’ll keep an eye on how this impacts the rest of the selling community — we hope a rising tide will lift all boats, especially if we can get more people using Bonanza Gift Cards and more traffic to the site in general.

ecostar says: 04/17/12 at 09:44:41

Are sweaters, vests, t-shirts and hoodies considered tops? If we send our items in and some items are rejected (either the offer amount by us or the clothing by Bonanza), will we still be reimbursed for return shipping?

MyTexasTreasures says: 04/17/12 at 10:03:41

Bonanza Gift Cards? Are these still really Pay Pal gift cards branded as Bonanza? I hope not, as when we had those, only those booths who accepted Paypal could accept the Pay Pal Bonanza branded gift cards. There were a LOT of mad gift card recipients who could not spend their cards, as the item they wanted was available only with Google Check Out and or Amazon. And they could not use them.
Please clarify. thanks

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 10:33:56

Bonanza Gift Cards can currently only be redeemed at booths that accept Paypal.

oldhollywoodglitz says: 04/17/12 at 10:07:11

Sounds great, selling clothing one by one is very boring to me and this gets rid of them all at once. Hey everyone give it a try.

SensualPleasures says: 04/17/12 at 10:08:12

Please answer this question:
Most of the folks running Bonz (Mark, Bill, Tom, and most others) have now and have had for quite some time their own booths with items they sell. So if they have not figured out what it is like to be in the shoes of all of us other sellers by that after all of this time, what is so different about the approach you are now talking about?? Just does not make sense to me and many, many others :/

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 10:52:22

I love that question!

We’re always looking for more experience and opportunities to learn more about buying and selling merchandise online. I hope that with this approach, we can better learn how to grow a booth from zero to hero as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We can learn more about taking great pictures, maintaining a fluid inventory, and getting connected with external sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. What’s more, I think there is much that we can’t even foresee yet.

If this project doesn’t make any money, but still provides great insights for how to improve the site, I’ll call it a success.

gingernellscloset says: 04/17/12 at 10:29:51

I have a few questions. would you pay a little more for ‘New with Tags’ clothing? Does your pants category include capris, shorts? How about skorts? Denim shorts in the jeans? sorry if they are listed and I missed it.

ryanhicks says in response: 04/17/12 at 11:19:02

Definitely, our appraisers would value “New with Tags” more highly.

(We’re adding the following clarification to our FAQ soon)

We’ll accept sweaters, hoodies, capris, denim shorts, and other types of clothing that are “tops” or “pants.” Some items will have a lower value, however, so get ready for a lower offer if you’re sending a lot of t-shirts.

We do not accept the following types of clothing:


Bras, Panties & Lingerie


Hosiery, Leggings & Socks

Sleep, Lounge & Robes

Swimwear & Cover-ups

Men’s Apparel

Children’s Apparel


Accessories & Handbags


lynnestreasures says: 04/17/12 at 11:11:33

I’ve been thinking about this all night and have decided for me personally, Go for it Boyz. I can’t find a downside to it. It’s their risk and hopefully our reward. If it drives new people to the site, I’m not complaining. If they have a Bonanza gift card in their hand that they want to spend here, again I’m not complaining. Certainly whatever advertising the Boyz do for this project has to be of benefit to us sellers. I sell collectibles and books and am not really affected as direct competition, but let’s face it, every time someone opens a new booth no matter who they are, its competition and we welcome them with open arms. So why is this different? Hopefully only positive will come from this. And if you are a shoe and boot seller, hats, coats, gloves, scarves, or any other accessory (especially jewelry) that goes with these clothes that they are going to sell, then I think it will be a huge benefit. And I’ll just hope that they are looking for a gift for Mom or Dad or Grandparents that they can find at my booth.

gearseller2 says: 04/17/12 at 11:44:26

Without wearing myself out thinking about this it seems to me that you will be in direct competition with your sellers. Don’t like it at first glance-

Eliray says: 04/17/12 at 12:44:26

I only see a win win situation…for the boyz.

SensualPleasures says: 04/17/12 at 14:24:03

THanx for the reply Ryan but you really did not answer the question I asked>>>> So if they have not figured out what it is like to be in the shoes of all of us other sellers by that after all of this time, what is so different about the approach you are now talking about?? Like I have said….there are folks in the Bonz crew that were/are sellers.

Another question>>> Do you not believe that seasoned sellers (here on Bonz)would be the best to tell you what has worked/not worked, suggestions, etc? Many like myself have worked for years as online sellers. And you want to just now start and take maybe years like some do to figure out what is working and not working. etc? Just does not seem to make sense to me.

johngermaine says: 04/17/12 at 14:41:31

How embarrassing this is all going to turn out. Remember Bags Bonanza?! What a joke, maybe this really is a left over joke from April Fools?

I have NEVER been able to sell a piece of second hand clothing at either a yard sale or on line, NEVER.

Countrystore says: 04/17/12 at 14:42:04

I like the sound of this, because I would rather sell a lot at one time, than have to list and wait, and hope for a sale.

ew410 says: 04/17/12 at 14:52:20


Tweety7777 says: 04/17/12 at 14:54:24

I’d love to try this out but am unable to find mailing address to send a package. Can we get an official address, please?

Never mind, I just figured it out. Just click on the brand you want to send and follow the instructions.

newmillenniumbeatnik says: 04/17/12 at 14:59:40

This seems to be a good marketing idea. As a seller of vintage clothing and jewelry, I can’t say that I am thrilled about having to be in direct competion with you for sales.
Also, making a cattle call out to buy up the merchandise from across the country is taking that much more away from what we sellers go out and work to find all year long at rummage, estate, and tag sales for our stock. (if you really want to see what it’s like for us sellers, start by doing this)
This could very well prove to attract the attention we need for all of Bonanza sellers, and vintage in particular. But, wouldn’t it also be a possibility to purchase advertising to let the public know that the vintage sellers here on Bonanza would like to see their merchandise and offer them a fair price if they are willing to sell? That could work on 2 fronts, bringing in the customer’s with merchandise to sell (and then spend), and attracting new sellers who are interested in selling on a site where they can also pick up new bargains.
Selling pre owned clothing is a time consuming process, that includes laundering, ironing, mending and measuring before you can even think about pictures and listing. Even though you will be able to pick and choose, some of that work will still be there in many cases. I hope additional staff will be hired to take care of these things before you go live.
My main concern is that the people devoted to the maintenance and improvement of the overall site will have to get involved with these tedious tasks. NMB

DiscountDesigner says: 04/17/12 at 15:28:51

I sell ALOT of “second hand” DESIGNER clothing here but mostly on ebay & other outlets, and have been selling “Second hand clothing” for the past 10 years very successfully…But about this idea of bonz, Today for instance, i brought a handful of designer items into a consignment type of store in my area and I walked out $111.80 richer. Alot of peeps might not have these stores by them and it would bring a few extra bucks into their pockets to do this. OR things that dont sell while i have them in the consignment store, i can send to bonz and get a few extra bucks…It does need some ironing out…for instance…you should be able to ship things UPS, I sell alot of designer items to a few people that resell on ebay, I ship them out UPS since most of the boxes I send out weight 18+ lbs and they are large, it is ALOT cheaper than USPS…The little “large” size flat rate boxes just dont measure up to what i ship out, and the post office is usually higher when you get into shipping more weighty items.. In my opinion, Designer clothing is the hot item now because it is very expensive and hard to find & most of the younger girls just love NAMES & are willing to pay for it & that = Cash

MyTexasTreasures says: 04/17/12 at 15:30:03

@ryan, so yes in answer to my question, the ‘gift card’ is in fact not a Bonanza Gift Card, rather a Paypal Branded card, which are sold through paypal to anyone who chooses to purchase?
1.Do you plan to make it clear to either buyers of gift cards or those who sell clothes, that the gift cards can only be used ONLY in booths who accept paypal and not site wide?
Sorry to be repetitive, but I had a buyer several months ago who had received a Bonanza gift card, wanted to purchase an item in my booth and could not. She was not happy, and wanted a refund of the gift card and was not able to do so.

GrandmasPantry says: 04/17/12 at 16:01:05

Did anyone notice this under “How much money will I get?” in the faqs section?

That estimate is about half of what we think we could re-sell your clothes for. If you choose a Bonanza Gift Card when you accept the offer, you get that 50% value to spend on awesome items here at Bonanza. If you choose to take the cash, we’ll pay you 30% of what we think we could re-sell your clothes for via Paypal. We’d like you to keep shopping at Bonanza, but we know sometimes you’d rather just have cash.


So if you want the cash, the prices you have seen is not the cash price Bonanza is willing to pay – it’s only the gift card price.


ryanhicks says: 04/17/12 at 16:18:26

Thanks, all! We’ve identified some good places to clarify what this is all about, thanks to your comments. We’ll keep watching this experiment and be sure to keep everyone up to date on how it works out.

We’re closing comments on the blog post; please keep the discussions going in the forums!

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