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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (29)

Stewarts says: November 10, 2013

If you haven’t tried Elaine’s Out-Of-This World Fudge you are truly missing out on a scrumptious and delicious treat. Elaine is exceptional at what she represents in her booth and provides, prompt, courteous service as well. Elaine is a true asset to this community and I highly recommend her.

mrsdinkerson says: October 22, 2013

Wonderful, yummy products with exceptional customer service. A true asset to the Bonanza community. Highly recommended!

OVYEE says: September 10, 2013

Yum Yum A Roo Again Carmal fudge Tried Proven Great…Gt transaction again Thank you ~ Ovyee jewels

OVYEE says: August 08, 2013

Another wonderful treat from Elaine Yum yum is the word~Ty…friend ~Dawn

OVYEE says: June 01, 2012

Try Elaine’s wonderful fudgy goodness You Wont go wrong~ Ty Ovyee jewels ~

sisters_Boutique says: September 10, 2011

Have purchased her fudge and will again, the Best there is!!!!

AutumnLeaves says: July 31, 2011

Fantastic products, melt in your mouth fudges. Very honest, wonderful communication and will bend over backwards to get it where you want it to go.
The service is outstanding. Thank you for being a fantastic person and an asset to Bonanza.

nelliekellie says: June 24, 2011

Elaine is a wonderful seller! One of the best! Her fudges are sooooooooo gooood! A super lady and fun!!!

CritterCreekRanch says: April 27, 2011

What a lovely seller, wonderful fudge mmm mmm good I have now found a place to purchase wonderful chocolate gifts!!!

MONTROSE says: April 23, 2011

Do I know this FuDGEchef? 0h yeS, this is definitely an excellent businesswoman true to her own candy products. Dedicated with a passion in making others feel good with the LOvE of her fudge. MONTROSe, honored to finance her FiRST youtube videO coming HERE which will allow her to continue to expand her H0RiZONS. I approve this MONTdorsement!

angiesjewelry says: March 09, 2011

I hear that Elaine’s fudge is simply DIVINE !! I will have to order some soon and what a perfect gift idea !

bradsglassart says: January 07, 2011

I just received another fabulous gift of fudge that was purchased from Elaine. I have to hold myself back from eating it all in one setting its so delicious. Thank you Elaine for creating such great tasting and satisfying fudge.

NativeByDesignz says: November 22, 2010

Better late than never to endorse this SELLER~! I received a wonderful GIFT of Chocolate Fudge from “Elaine” and it was sooooo “tasty”! Packaged well, even for the HEAT in FL! Thank you to my “GIFT GODDESS”! AND thanks to Elaine for having this wonderful Fudge to offer up!

idoaccessories says: November 19, 2010

Gosh I put on 5 pnds just looking at all that wonderful fudge

chill02wolfart says: October 30, 2010

Elaines’ Fudge us outstanding! Very rich in flavor, not too sweet; and melts in your mouth. She is a lovely lady, and an exceptional fudge maker. Thank you so much, Elaine

bonzchick says: April 12, 2010

The most incredible fudge ever! I can finally get out of my kitchen and let Ew410 handle my gift purchases. Scrumptious! Creamy! …and Lip-Smacking Delicious Taste! Highly recommend this Bonanzle Member. Top-Notch Service!

MONTROSE says: December 17, 2009

As 2009 comes to a final near eND, I would like to take this opportunity to say +hanK yoU for being so kind to mE while I was here. In addition, I hope that my very own AN0N-buyers will READ THiS MeSSAGE so that they will know that M0NTROSE highly recommends they > Buy here FiRST < and sh0P with great confidence from this reputable seller…Perhaps our paths shall cross again someday…bye bye, just MONTROSe.

bradsglassart says: October 14, 2009

I just ate some of ew410’s fudge and it so much deserves recognition! Delicious, rich and full of flavor best describes her fudge. You must get yourself some and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Visit her booth and choose your favorite flavor of fudge and enjoy it. I’m getting me some more before the holidays are here.

MONTROSE says: September 07, 2009

Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energY my wAy = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ (ew410) b00tH next…Elaine sold me some YummY fabulous fUDGE that tastes way out of this earth…MONTR0Se approves this message!

joyce72747 says: September 02, 2009

Elaine should seriously open a candy store and specialize in fudge.
Her fudge is WONDERFUL.
If you have a sweet tooth treat yourself to ew410’s fudge.

RayvensRarities says: August 21, 2009

I did a favor for this lady in regards to a few problems she was having in her store.
She insisted on sending me a small gift of some of her fudge. I got to pick the kind and I choose the Chocolate Covered Cherry made with Splenda. I am a big time baker and cook and I was simply amazed at how good this fudge was.

It had none of the funny after taste a lot of the artificial sweeteners have. It was everything A fudge should be. Rich, Creamy and simply melted in my mouth. I will treasure what I have and hoard it for as long as possible to stretch out the thoughtful treat.

I highly reccomend this ladies product to anyone. Thanks so very much Elaine

DragonflyTreasure says: August 14, 2009

Bestest Fudge ever!!!! A true assest to Bonanzle. Great items at great prices. Highly Recommended!!

myvintagepastime says: May 30, 2009

I don’t think I can find the yummiest words to describe this wonderful lady’s fabulous fudge – it is truly beyond words….could be because I can’t talk with a mouthful of fudge that I can’t seem to stop eating! LOL I come from a small touristy town in Georgia where they’re known for their fudge-making abilities…but I do believe they could use some lessons from Elaine!! My fudge order arrived during my lunch break on a particularly bad Friday – but that bad day disappeared with the first bite! I told the ladies at work that I would bring some on Monday….but here it is on Saturday and the fudge will not make it through the day! I’m tellin’ y’all now….this is the best fudge ever!!

AvocadoLane says: May 12, 2009

Elaine, you are just the cat’s meow in my book. A true pleasure to do business with.

sterlingdragonfly says: February 25, 2009

Let me tell you…this Lady makes THE BEST FUDGE I have ever tasted! I am so pleased with it. She is a great asset to Bonanzle. Shop here with complete confidance. Very Happy

InspiredCreations says: February 12, 2009

Fabulous fudge! Prompt shipment and all around pleasant transactions. I’ll be here buying frequently.

robinater041 says: January 30, 2009


SharsBoutique says: December 24, 2008

WOW! The cherry fudge was absolutely heavenly! Thank you so much for your excellent service.

Alilbirdy2 says: November 09, 2008

ew410 (Elaine) Makes the best home made Fudge you have ever tasted, not only that but she is a very honest person, who strives to please all of her customers, and a Delight ful person to work with.