Tips for Buying Safely on Bonanza

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Hello Bonanza Community, Jackson here from the Support Team! As an online marketplace, the most important thing Bonanza can do is provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. Bonanza takes a variety of steps to ensure that reputable sellers are posting items on our marketplace. We also arm you with the tools and resources to help you evaluate sellers so you can buy with confidence. 

All shoppers want to be sure they're purchasing from a trustworthy seller for a trouble-free transaction. Factors that are important to shoppers include:

  • Shipping on time: Tracking added within the stated handling time.
  • Communication: Questions answered within 24-48 hours.
  • Item ordered is as described: Sizing, color, and compatibility accuracy on the item listing page.
  • Return Policy: The return policy is clearly stated in the seller's booth, and the seller responds and complies in a timely manner.

There are some indicators you can look for before making a purchase to ensure a seller is an active member of the Bonanza community. The more active a community member is, the better one is able to evaluate the character of the seller.


We recommend you consider these indicators:

  1. Feedback scoreDoes the seller have a lot of positive feedback? The feedback score is a combination of feedback imported from other platforms (such as eBay or Amazon) and feedback from Bonanza transactions. The seller's feedback score will give you insight into other buyers' experiences with the seller. Click the rating score to review more details. 
  2. Top Rated Seller status. Top Rated Sellers must meet certain criteria and performance standards. Sellers who have earned this status consistently provide excellent service and buying experiences. Note that many smaller businesses cannot meet all the requirements for this status but are still first-rate sellers.
  3. Bonanza memberBonanza members regularly pay fees to access additional selling features and benefits. Fraudulent sellers are less likely to invest their own money or have a valid credit card to pay for the membership. 
  4. ProfileClick on the seller's username to view their profile. Have they taken the time to fill in the "About me" section? This can provide a glimpse into the seller's objectives and/or personality. Have they received any endorsements from other users on Bonanza? If this user has been vouched for by other respected community members, that's a good sign.
  5. Activity. Has the seller logged into their Bonanza account in the last month? Sellers who log in frequently are more likely to respond to customer inquiries and fulfill orders in a timely manner. Have they earned Bonanza badges for being involved on the site? If they're investing time in their business, they're likely to ensure that hard work doesn't go to waste.

While none of these are absolute indications of trust-ability, looking at several of the above factors can give you a good idea of who you're purchasing from. If there are any issues with an order, most sellers are happy to work with a buyer to resolve the problem. Bonanza's community of small businesses are friendly and helpful. You can also learn more about Buyer Protection Plans here.

We want everyone who comes to Bonanza to find what they need at great prices, support small businesses, and come back again!

26 responses to Tips for Buying Safely on Bonanza

  • no one says:
    08/25/20 at 16:41:17

    Nice article. Great ideas for the customer to find information and get in touch with business owners in a short time.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    08/27/20 at 09:00:45

    Thanks for the positive reply!

  • Esyshoping123 says:
    08/25/20 at 17:41:15


  • naoual_loukili says:
    08/26/20 at 11:11:19


  • Mubin99 says:
    08/26/20 at 11:35:49

    Very goog

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    08/27/20 at 09:00:54


  • tomwayne1 says:
    08/26/20 at 20:12:53

    You nailed it, Jackson.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    08/27/20 at 09:00:03

    Glad you think so, tomwayne1!

  • shopbestforyou says:
    08/26/20 at 23:21:38

    Thank you!

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    08/27/20 at 08:59:49

    My pleasure :)

  • shahzadpsmc says:
    08/27/20 at 00:41:30

    It’s really helpful me because I am new seller here.
    Thanks for sharing these information.

    bonanzajackson says in response:
    08/27/20 at 08:59:42

    Happy to help, and welcome to Bonanza!

  • Nordstromsauto says:
    08/27/20 at 07:04:47

    Great information Jackson. Having all that information available as a seller does give a warm fuzzy feeling to the buyer to purchase from a reputable seller. Keep in mind that not all buyers are reputable as well so when looking at the sellers information there may be a few dings in the feedback. Look for similar problem history from buyers and don’t hesitate to ask the seller about your concerns. A good seller will be happy to say they are not perfect but their feedback should show that as well. They will also give you an honest answer on your expectations and what they can do to meet those expectations for you and bring you right back to that hot cocoa and warm slippers in front of the fireplace feeling when placing your order.

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    08/28/20 at 11:42:07

    Thank you Brian! Jackson and I agree with you on several points. Now that you mention it, it’s almost September which means that those nights of hot cocoa and warm slippers are approaching!

  • Ceylon_Shop says:
    08/27/20 at 07:33:50

    Really Thanks !

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    08/28/20 at 11:47:07

    Our pleasure! Thank you for the feedback!

  • Stoneponies says:
    08/27/20 at 14:30:06

    Thanks for the informative article, I wished that I had checked out the seller that I recently bought an item from at the beginning of the month. I never received it or any replies from my messages. I am opening a case to get my money back.

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    08/28/20 at 11:46:39

    Thank you Stoneponies, we’re sorry this occured. If you need additional help please contact us at [email protected]

  • NecktieGuy says:
    08/28/20 at 05:51:42

    Great information. Except for the membership part. There are lots of non-membership sellers that are trustworthy and top rated.

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    08/28/20 at 11:44:03

    Thank you for your response NecktieGuy, we agree with you 100% – a membership is not a gateway in of itself to become “trustworthy.”

  • Amoto1914 says:
    08/29/20 at 01:51:26

    Quality information! Some of us non members are equally reliable and can offer top notch services.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/31/20 at 06:33:01

    Hi Amoto1914! Absolutely, non-members can be great sellers too!

  • TVpart_house_store2 says:
    08/29/20 at 10:22:29

    Thank you for your detailed and helpful explanation

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/31/20 at 07:50:22

    Glad it was helpful, TVpart_houe_store2!

  • TurtleCreamBeans says:
    08/30/20 at 10:01:58

    Good points to look for , I do all possible to keep a great seller status to make sure buyers feel confident and have a smooth experience. All has been smooth so far. Thanks Bonanza.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/31/20 at 07:50:51

    Thanks for being a great seller on Bonanza, TurtleCreamBeans!

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