Amazon import open letter to bonanza- anyone else have this problem

I am just at wits end, I sent the powers that be the following plea for help below. Bonanza sellers who import from amazon, are you also experiencing this???

“Well it was bound to happen and I wanted to get your official response on the matter at hand because I am at my wits end and pulling out my hair (except that I am bald). First, please look at my rating here (before I started importing my 2000 amazon items here). I have about 5000 items on 5 websites. I like you guys because you guys are growing, you’re the scrappy fighter and I like what I see. I love your response by real people with actual western social skills that’s tuned to online retail, it feels like you care here. I have sold thousands of items in the last several years all by my lonesome, one-man show, buck stops with me.

So my fear, my abject terror is that I have had 3 bad feedbacks on Bonanza in the last week or so, 3, that’s more than I get a year or sometimes two on my other sites, if ever, COMBINED. The problem, well, the problem is that you guys import the stock picture on Amazon and never the sellers individual picture, some buyers are not savvy enough to know in the queens English what the word “used” means. So I am now getting reds and yellows on your site and I am as terrified as a junior accountant at the D.N.C. I do not know a solution to this except to end all my amazon listings here, and they are a many, and relist them individually, that’s 2x the work but to avoid the pitfalls of this week it may be necessary. I would like to know if there is another way. It is my hope that you will forward this to a higher up or someone who can give me a definitive answer because if I am having this grievance, you can bet you pink bedroom slippers that others are as well. It’s just not fair, my buyers need to know what they are getting and so far I have had recent buyers who just look at the imported Amazon stock photo with ooohs and ahhhs and click without looking at the description, then they attack me when they don’t get their stock photo item (even though all my items are in excellent shape). On Amazon their stock photo is displayed on the top but every single one of my items have the ACTUAL PICTURE of what they are getting and for every 1 item i sell on bonanza, i sell 20-30 on Amazon (without negs). The buyers here wish to buy items new here at a used price but without an actual photo I can understand their frustration but i do not agree with it. At this point it’s not about the money I make here, it has always been about my reputation, THAT’S what’s important to me, please share this and reply in kind. I never thought I would lose sleep over my reputation here, Bonanza has always been a cove of sanity form the turbulent waters of the other two sites. I need help and guidance, please don’t corporate response this, this is my business I’m stressing over here and reaching out for real ideas / help

asked over 3 years ago

5 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hey Buyeverythingguy!

Amazon currently requires sellers to use their catalog picture as the first picture. Bonanza does not import other images so the main gallery photo is all that imports, even if you’ve added another photo of the actual item.

What you’ll need to do is manually add the photos to your listings on Bonanza and then delete the stock photo. You can also use the Batch Editor to easily rearrange your photos.

We’re very sorry for the troubles you’re having with the Amazon importer. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please feel free to reach out to us at Support so we can work with you a little more closely!

answered over 3 years ago

I don’t import from Amazon, so I can’t be of much help. I could only suggest, for now, to add to each affected listing, using batch text editor, this information about the first stock photo You’ve mentioned above and ask buyers to contact You before purchase for additional photos, if they have any doubts based only on descriptions.

“I do not know a solution to this except to end all my amazon listings here, and they are a many, and relist them individually…”.

Until it’s solved on the marketplace level, this info at least would make customers aware of the issue and You would have some time to replace stock images with Your photos – maybe it’s better than ending listings and relisting individually (I hope You get some ideas from experienced sellers).

As a buyer, e.g. in this Media-Player/520932285 listing, I see this info:

“Used item, it is sold as pictured, please STUDY MY ACTUAL PICTURES of this item NOT THAT GENERIC STOCK ONE”

The problem is that there is still only one picture of this item visible on this listing page. Since You had more on Amazon and they are not imported, customers can’t “study” anything…

So, I think, it’s better to temporarily replace this sentence and ask buyers to contact You until Your actual photos are added (by You or automatically by B.).

Good luck! I hope it will be positively addressed soon.

answered over 3 years ago

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buyeverythingguy says: November 05, 2017

Thank you so much for this info, So far I think it’s my best option.

I’d love to have made millions selling online.

Love your sense of humor. Good luck here on Bonanza.


answered over 3 years ago


buyeverythingguy says: November 05, 2017

thank you, I am eagerly awaiting Bonanza’s response and hoping for the best.

EmpressDepot says: November 05, 2017

You bring up a very good point in your post and what you suggested makes perfect sense.

If you are not importing from Amazon, did you upload via CSV? If so, how did you get the pictures over? Do you include all the images on Amazon or just the main image? I’m having lots of problems with importing through Amazon…

answered over 3 years ago

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