Any one in shock over no christmas sales

We have over 1200 items in our store are last sale was on 11/9/2022 this seems very odd being Christmas and all whats wrong here.

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I have been receiving sales however much lower than previous years. Most of mine are coming from other sites I sell thru. But, with the way of the world right now I am really not surprised. I have over 3500 listings with all of them being ‘Want’ items, not ‘Need’ items. I tend to think right now everyone is in save mode and not really doing a lot of ‘Want’ buys. Good luck!

answered over 1 year ago

Yes, I am surprised.

I was even surprised on eBay this week and last when looking at items for sale and sold listings.

Granted, some items there are still a lot of….but there are some items where there is not much of an inventory for active listings as well as sold listings. What this means to me is that people are listing items for sale in a variety of ways across the internet….meaning eBay and Bonanza have a lot of competition. I wonder how Etsy is doing.

My opinion with my most recent experiences.

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VeronicaBooksAndArt says: December 12, 2022

Well, I suppose we could sell life-extension products, buy a Titan membership, and task Facebook to remarket the data.

Etsy has been slow too and I branched out to Bonanza and Ebay for a boost and change of scenery : )
Thinking more folks are out shopping in real life this year and taking advantage of big retailers deep discounts. Our local news and world news both reported record mall traffic this season. Also, personally I know many people who are just cutting back on everything during the current inflationary period. Yawn, also hoping our selling platforms pick up soon!

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EmpressDepot says: December 13, 2022

Thanks for the info on Etsy and shopping in brick and mortar stores this year. Sort of real glad to hear that offline sales are going decent. They’ve cut back on inventory so much in recent years that I get frustrated. Truth be told I still prefer to buy offline. I agree with much of what you said.

After selling for over 20 years I am use to November and December being slower. I think many are afraid of items not getting to them before the holidays or they simply find other things locally for the holidays. October has always been higher for me then picks up again in January. This is through other outlets as I have over 2000 items listed on Bonanza but may only sell 5-10 items a year here. SMH

answered over 1 year ago

Are you posting new listings every day?

answered over 1 year ago

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