Block party?

Is anyone doing a block party this holiday season? If so I would love to be included!

asked 21 days ago


EmpressDepot says: November 17, 2019

Hi. What is a block party?

ccmom says: November 17, 2019

I am pretty sure you seen them when you first joined up and another named booth..but here is old thread from the 1st Everyone signed up for time slots and it was promoted for as special sales times

ccmom says: November 17, 2019

your first booth…under anther name (is what I meant to say)

ccmom says: November 17, 2019

here was another one

ccmom says: November 17, 2019

and another from 2012

EmpressDepot says: November 18, 2019

Thanks, Cindy. Lol. I do remember sellers having those now.

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been a long time since I have seen a block party…

takes a lot of work to get it going and without the ability for everyone to post on one particular promo thread (might have to put it in fun and games)

answered 21 days ago

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See ccmom's booth
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