Custom booth categories

Can’t change some of my items to my custom booth categories as there is no Set Custom Booth category on my bulk edit page.

asked 15 days ago

2 Answers

If You want to set Your custom booth categories, first create them here:

SellingBooth settingsCategories & sorting

Categorize your items (for better control choose “Manual” option)

Manage your custom categories (here add Your custom categories and subcategories),

THEN on Your batch edit page

mark Set custom booth category option and follow these steps:

answered 15 days ago


JBCcollectibles says: June 23, 2020

I do not have the set custom booth category. I did create custom booth categories.

JBCcollectibles says: June 23, 2020

Ok, thank you! I wasn’t updating my settings when I chose manual and it is there now. Thank you for your great details. Appreciate it.

bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) says: June 24, 2020

Great information, ArtistsUnion!

Batch Edit
Item Basics
Set Category

There is a drop down menu with the categories…choose category

Select items
Apply Changes

answered 15 days ago

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See ccmom's booth


JBCcollectibles says: June 23, 2020

Thanks, that is what it shows on mine, there is no set a custom booth category, that is what I am looking for

ccmom says: June 23, 2020

Sorry forgot to say You must set the sorting process to Manual first….as said below..

JBCcollectibles says: June 23, 2020

Yes, thank you, I chose Manual, but wasn’t saving the changes so it kept going back to just the category option. Fixed now!

bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) says: June 24, 2020

Thank you, ccmom! You are the Best!!!

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