Customer did a charge back via paypal for a item that was delivered

I had a customer that charged back her order. I didn’t not see the case from PayPal until after it was closed. Because I usually just use my phone.

When I saw the case from the buyer that said her item was delivered. I checked her order on bonanza. There was a tracking number that showed the item was delivered. Bonanza didn’t update the tracking to pay pal. I didn’t have proof the item was delivered until I saw the case was closed already. Because bonanza API didn’t add the tracking. I was charged back the 44.00 dollars and a 15.00 dollar fee from PayPal.

I see that bonanza dose not cover the sellers as they do for the buyers. There is no protection or case filing for sellers. There is only this for the buyers.

Buyer can report a seller and report their listing. Yet a seller dose no power to report a buyer. You can block a buyer. You cant even change your feed back on a buyer to a lower star.

asked about 1 month ago

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answered about 1 month ago

Even if paypal has closed the case, I would contact them and ask them to reopen it and send them the tracking that it was delivered.
I always go into paypal and manually enter the tracking number when I sell something.

answered about 1 month ago

You should have gotten an email directly from paypal..
Always check emails everyday…even check PayPal regularly.
Since I do all shipping on paypal..
Then add tracking here..I prefer it that way because if something happens PP will always have the information

answered about 1 month ago

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I don’t have a problem with Bonanza not uploading tracking numbers to PayPal. They seem to be right on top of it from my perspective.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to check your PayPal account every now and then just to make sure all your sales are showing tracking numbers. 120 days (for a buyer complaint to PP) is a long, long time!

answered about 1 month ago

Thanks for the update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.

answered 21 days ago

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Thats Bonanza for you.. what a joke!!

answered about 1 month ago

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MagnoliaScreens says: February 03, 2021

And yet, here you sit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comical, really. YMMV.

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