Did the fvf go up?

Curious, I sold a listing via Google organic and the final value fee came to 5% rather than 3.5%.

I always thought it was still at 3.5% with Google organic and Bing.



Small purchase totalling $9.95 before shipping. Weird thing is that I have 12% off coupon running but I guess the buyer did not apply the coupon.

asked 29 days ago

2 Answers

no…the fee is 3.5% or a minimum of $0.50

Since 3.5% of $9.95 is $0.35 you were charged the minimum of $0.50, which is 5% of $9.95

I rarely have customers see the coupon at the top of the page…and rarely do they use them

answered 28 days ago

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EmpressDepot says: April 22, 2019

Oops. Forgot about the minimum.

EmpressDepot says: April 22, 2019

I wish I had more that did not see the coupon. This is the first one.


I have two 20% off coupons and my customers take advantage of both of them and with some of my products the final fee gets waived

answered 28 days ago


EmpressDepot says: April 23, 2019

Hello Allthings. Curious to know why some of the final fees get waived. I guess it must be the link you share on social sites that Bonanza provides to each individual seller by any chance? Thanks.

EmpressDepot says: April 23, 2019

And they come to your listing to buy via that link?

ccmom says: April 23, 2019

Sharon..if your sells through bonanza promotions (look under advertising) part or all of the fee can be waived. I had a sale with a waived fee not to long ago that came from bonanza promotions…

ccmom says: April 23, 2019

Ohh..and I actually saw one of my items being advertised on a website…a couple of days ago…

EmpressDepot says: April 24, 2019

Thanks Cindy. When u say look under advertising do u mean this will show me if Bonanza is promoting some of my listing all on their own? Sorry, I’m just trying to understand

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