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Google is now requiring sizes as an attribute for sewing patterns. All I sell is sewing patterns. Crafts>Sewing>Sewing Patterns does not automatically bring up “size” as a trait. This needs to change. I did a work-around to find another category with size and managed to maneuver it into the Sewing Patterns traits, then saved it as a trait profile. But when trying to enter a pattern that has multiple sizes, the trait profile I saved wasn’t presented as an option…so no size option.

I need to be able to list a sewing pattern and have a drop-down on the listing page for a person to select another size. I’m new here, so can someone give advice? I’ve read previous threads on this and still don’t understand. Thank You for any help. P.S. I realize I can add size with brackets at the end of the item description, but I really need that drop-down menu on the listing page.

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BookbinEtc says: June 29, 2020

Wanda, for heaven’s sake – that is NOT an answer! Perhaps others need to know the same thing. Why be so secretive; it’s not private info. :)

bargainbuffet4you says: June 29, 2020

I agree, BookbinEtc, that a fix or workaround to this issue posted publicly would be helpful. While some people may look at sewing patterns and related items as a dying art, there has been a surge in buying sewing machines and sewing since the coronavirus has kept people home.

ArtistsUnion says: June 30, 2020

Instead of adding this repetitive ‘welcome post’ to almost each forum question, it would serve better to pin it on the top of Comm. page to be seen BEFORE members ask for help and then to post a very specific, clarifying answer to some particular questions, which have not got an efficient solution.

First off, I would go to below link and send a request for a item trait to be added to your category ie size

For now..the only option I can see for this category Crafts > Sewing > Sewing Patterns (and not sure if will solve the google trait issue for the feed)..

is to choose many types in the type trait and name the type:

  • Size-small and continue adding different sizes until all are available

Which is how you to do if if there are also many sizes for one item, if the size attribute was available

You may have to use the [[size:]] to ensure it is in the feed…..which can be done in batch edit as well as you mentioned in the listing at the end

As to applying a saved profile….that never really worked for me…perhaps someone else could help on that

answered 9 days ago

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