How and why is asking to report a dishonest buyer 'irrelevant'?

I need to report a dishonest buyer that tried to return a product that was not mine for a refund. Bonanza would not let the question even be posted. It is ‘irrelevant’.

I am seeking help and the same platform I am asking for redress is now helping the thief by keeping me from getting said help.

The boilerplate page of ‘explanations’ provides no actual explanations.

I would like an answer.

asked about 2 months ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt says: February 06, 2023

File a dispute in Paypal Resolution Center. Bonanza is marketplace facilitator like eBay used to be. Now, eBay is the merchant of record and you are a supplier – except when it comes time to pay taxes…

Gargoylery says: February 06, 2023

Thanks for touching base. What you are saying makes sense. Paypal is a good company.

1 Answer

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hi @Gargoylery. The Seller Community Forum is a place where sellers can ask each other questions and share ideas. Our support team would be glad to continue to work with you directly through your open Support ticket to help resolve this situation. Our Support team is always available to assist with questions specific to your account via email support or by contacting us by clicking the Help > Contact Support link at the top of this page.

answered about 2 months ago

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