How can i make my listings better to get more sales?

I currently have listings here on Bonanza by way of integrating from ebay. I haven’t had a Bonanza sale in a very long time. I was just wondering if there is anything I should do differently? How important is it to refresh the feed and how often? I never really took the time to study Bonanaza and I hope I don’t annoy people with this question!!

Boom, just as I was typing this I discovered a Bonanza sale!

asked 12 months ago


EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

I would remove the slang…such as NIP. This is an eBay thing (I am an occasional seller on eBay, so I know what you mean. Some people just don’t shop on eBay and even though Bonanza is a lot slower than eBay….they just do not all shop on eBay. You’ve got room for more descriptive phrases before..

EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

stating the condition of the listing. It is important realestate to use the space up with descriptive phrases and keywords since the info would get sent to Google shopping and shoppers on there will have a better chance of finding your listing on Google shopping and then here to Bonanza. Not all…

EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

eBay listings make their way into Google shopping. Same would be true for not all Bonanza listings make their way into Google shopping, so be prepared, ahead of the ballgame.

EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

Congrats on your sale.

Leshersquiltkits says: June 17, 2023

I never put things like new it title or anything used it selecting traits. use a bullet list when listing an item. No caps in title.

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Hello BnDsVintage,

Thanks for your question. This is a commonly asked question on Bonanza and also one of the most difficult to answer. The community forum is probably not the best place for me to go through your account and item listings, so my recommendation would be to check out our help page on this topic and if you contact our support team, they will be more than happy to take a look at your account and provide personalized advice on how to maximize your sales potential on Bonanza.


answered 12 months ago

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