How do i make my profile private

I have clicked a yes no question that says it is private but my friend looked. Everything still shows up on mine and not on hers. I want my profile private!

asked about 1 month ago

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ccmom says: January 28, 2020

your private account info is not public, the profile page is meant to be a public information page

JudisM says: January 31, 2020

child health foundation

JudisM says: January 31, 2020

JudisM says: January 31, 2020

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Is this the page you want to make private?

This is the page where most prospective buyers can find when you were last online/how active you are…

Your profile is one of the first things a buyer looks at to determine if you’re a credible seller. Including a profile picture goes a long way when it comes to encouraging buyers to purchase from your booth.

It will lead buyers to your items..

Your about me and your store or any info you wish buyers or other sellers to see as well as contact info, facebook business pages, and any website/blog you may media pages

It also contains any endorsements left by other sellers or buyers…

Most have that information public and truthfully, many will not purchase (at least I don’t) if there is no information on seller activity…

this one is mine..

as you can see I have been here a long time and have been quite active over the years

This page DOES NOT show any information that you do not wish to post (or private account information)

However, if you insist on hiding your public profile

Account Dashboard
Account Settings
Other options

Allow users to see your public profile Yes No

click Yes (counter intuitive)..I think the original statement years ago was Hide your public profile so the answer would have been yes

Save Changes

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answered 30 days ago

On your homepage, click the small arrow in the top right corner and choose “settings” near the bottom of the drop-down menu. Look at the tabs on the left side of the page and click “security and login.

answered 30 days ago

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