How is it change reserve items as item for sale ?

Our store had been held for two days, and the hold on our booth has been removed, after only visible for sale few items, rest of items are reserved

asked over 1 year ago


EmpressDepot says: November 28, 2022

Hover your cursor over the Selling drop down on your upper left corner, chooose “Batch edit items” under the drop down. Once in batch edit items, there is a light blue highlighted bar over top of your items. Within that bar you will see the word Picture with a white box next to it. Click in the box

EmpressDepot says: November 28, 2022

Next, you will see a grayed out large box area near the top of the page. Within this area you will see Set Status and next to this you will see a drop down that says For Sale. Keep this as is but click on the white box. Then there is a green tab that says Apply Changes. Click it and then….

EmpressDepot says: November 28, 2022

click it and then it should be instantly that your items go up for sale in your booth or it should not take long if not instantly.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: November 28, 2022

Your booth looks okay. Interesting items. Congrats on making it work from Sri Lanka.

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