How to cancel a order

I am A New Seller & need some guidance!…..

The Buyer accpeted My invoice I sent Her…..And then doesn’t want it at the Price Afterall…..I couldn’t figure out How to cancel it….And Marked it as paid….Now it’s saying I need to Ship It….what Should I do…..
And I am still trying to figure out how to run this Crazy site????

Thank-you so Much!….I need Your Help!


asked about 1 month ago

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Short answer..

If the buyer has already paid
Go to payment processor (paypal, stripe) and refund
Then go Billing
Current Statement
find invoice
Click on little red X and request a refund.

If the order was an offer/invoiced/OBO and unpaid..if should have said

“Awaiting checkout” on the invoice in the top right corner

For future reference..if buyer has not paid or refuses an offer then
click on the link along the bottom of the invoice that says:

Mark as Unpaid
the transaction is cancelled and the item is returned to your booth..

If an invoice/OBO/offer was unpaid and you marked it as Paid, then you will be charged a FVF..

Request a return of the final value fee and you will have to explain that you marked the item as paid in error and I would also send a message to let support know

answered about 1 month ago

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OP: “I couldn’t figure out How to cancel it….And Marked it as paid…”

For a quick answer, it’s always worth to search first Bonanza Help Center:

and forum:

In case neither help pages nor forum can give a proper solution, You can contact B. support at [email protected]

answered about 1 month ago

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