I received a bonanza message from somebody wanting to sell an item on my wish list!

Now this is strange. Did anybody else receive a messsage like this one?

Hey Relztrah

I was looking at a few of your products especially [an item on my Wish List] & wanted to know if you are able to sell these to our customers.

[his website] is interested in selling your products on our marketplace. We are a marketplace where sellers like you can list and sell your products to our USA & Canada customer base for free. The reason we contacted you is that our customers are searching for products similar to yours & not having many options.

We would like to invite you to be a seller on [his website] for free & we are looking forward to collaborating with you since we feel your products can sell with our customers.

He goes on to list his contact information. Of course I’m not going to respond becaue it doesn’t pass the “stink test”. But still, how can somebody who apparently isn’t even a member of Bonanza access my Wish List and then send this Bonanza message to me?

asked 4 months ago

5 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello Relztrah,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We have permanently suspended this user from Bonanza, and if you see anything like this in the future, we recommend not responding to them and to contact support to let us know about it. Solicitation, especially to outside websites is definitely not allowed on Bonanza.


answered 4 months ago


Yes, I did. User had just joined on the 7th of June. I forwarded it to Bonanza support. [email protected]

That user was removed. That might be why you’re not seeing them anymore. You can FWD suspect things to the Bonanza team. They are always helpful etc.

Happy sales!

answered 4 months ago

I rec’d it too, but didn’t respond. Then, I wondered if I’d get dinged for ignoring a message.

I’ll just delete it.

answered 4 months ago

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Leshersquiltkits says: June 08, 2023

trash it never respond to something you personally did not ask for. I get these on FB saying love my post s and want to be friends your are a beautiful lady. would you send me a friend request DELETE. In the first place I am 75 and andyone says I am beautiful needs help

Anyone can see your wish list whether they are logged in or logged out.

I’d rather have mine be private. This would be a good idea to add this to the suggestion thingy (I forget what it is called).

answered 4 months ago


felixmybizz says: June 09, 2023

I don’t have a wish list. The scam type message I got was mentioning an item I sell. I forgot where you make suggestions at the moment too. hmmm :-/

EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

Hi Felix. I was referring to the OP on the wish list. It sounded like he was wondering how the “person” could see his wish list.

EmpressDepot says: June 10, 2023

Suggestions is found under the Help dropdown and then Submit Idea.

Hello, I got the same email and it’s a scam. I get one of these email every year. When you get a email like this always do a background check on it.
Have a Wonderful Day!!!

answered 4 months ago

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