Is advertising on bonanza really working?

Does paying for advertising on Bonanza, results in a higher return on investment compared to actual sales?
Thank you for your replies in advance.

asked 12 months ago


EmpressDepot says: June 14, 2023

I would say yes for you. Your prices are really competitive with other sellers. I would like to make a suggestion…you are priced better than what I saw Amazon, Walmart showing for a few listings I looked at…but they show engraved bracelet tags, which you also offer. I’d somehow show that you…

EmpressDepot says: June 14, 2023

do also otherwise someone may think you do not do that.

The_Calhan_Mercantil says: June 17, 2023

Not one advertising view since June 1st at 9%

3 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello medicalidtags,

Thanks for your question! All sellers who choose at least the 9% advertising fee level can have their item listings automatically sent to Google Shopping for advertising. We made Google Shopping our primary advertising partner because it’s one of the biggest advertising platforms for shopping on the internet. We find that a large number of outside shoppers come to Bonanza after finding items that they are looking for on Google Shopping.

Optionally we also offer Turbo Traffic to our sellers, which is an advanced, more customizable and powerful version of our standard Google Shopping advertising.

For more information I would highly recommend checking out our comprehensive help page section, and our support team is always ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have about selling on Bonanza.

Thanks again for your interest in this topic.

answered 11 months ago

No. It would help if Bonanza bought some advertising!

answered 12 months ago

Nope. Sorry

answered 12 months ago

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