Is this site a scam

I have a charge from my bank account for a sweatshirt I paid yet to receive it and no one from bonanza has contacted me after repeated emails

asked about 1 month ago

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abigdogmom says: January 19, 2021

You need to contact the seller concerning your order. And, you should check your messages because the seller should have provided a tracking number for you to follow the package while in transit.

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answered about 1 month ago

Contact the seller and get the tracking number so that you can follow where the package is.

You joined Bonanza on Jan. 14th and probably put your order on that date. Remember that there is a weekend in there for mailing time. ALSO, with Covid-19, mailing is taking more time. Be patient.

answered about 1 month ago


Atomicdiner says: January 19, 2021

also remember Monday (yesterday) the PO was closed so NOBODY got USPS mail. Besides PO being slowr than normal, its also WINTER and stuff also gets delayed because of the weather issues too.

ccmom says: January 19, 2021

a weekend and a basically it has been 1 business day since Jan 14th….

I shipped an item to my sister in Maryland from Florida on December 7. She rec’d it January 16!

answered about 1 month ago

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ccmom says: January 20, 2021

I have had deliveries to Maryland take as long as 6 weeks and I live in NC

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