No organic traffic?

Just sign up to sell on Bonanza. I sell on ebay and amazon so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to sell here with the lower fees. I have 1,000 plus listing and not a single view. I’m getting the impression this place is a ghost town…..

So I figured if you want to get a sale you have to advertise more, thus paying more fees…..for maybe a couple of views and a sale. At 9% advertising and the credit card processing fee you are now paying more in fees then ebay if you are store/top rated seller. A lot of the site appears to pay to play. Anyone actually have success here?

asked 8 months ago


MICTO_TECH says: September 26, 2017

I sold a lot of items and the seller fees keep going up and down I’ve been a member for like four months now something like that I still haven’t figured this site out now yet every time I get in contact with bonanza can they give me the runaround they keep telling me to lower my advertising level

MICTO_TECH says: September 26, 2017

but when i lower my advertising level i don’t make no money they know that it’s hard to make money on the site because they charge you for everything you do

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The above threads and many others that exist on this venue are all asking the same thing, “where is the traffic?”.
Bonanza’s help section gives little comfort other than to say: Make sure your listings are compliant for Google Shopping, Use Social Media, and Pay for advertising.
The bottom line is that Bonanza IS a pay to play site. This is the new Bonanza. It is the seller that must drive all traffic to their booth.Unfortunately, I can sympathize with the “Where’s the traffic” dilemma. I don’t do social media, have tried all levels of advertising,yet rarely see any views at all and have had only 2 sales in the past 2-1/2 years.Why am I still using Bonanza? It is a free storage facility for my listings when not listed on eBay and one can always “hope” that something sells here.
As on any selling venue, yes there are many sellers that are very successful here. Many of those have also been here for many years.
Best of luck to you and hopefully sales will happen for you.

answered 8 months ago

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Policequilts says: March 18, 2017

“The bottom line is that Bonanza IS a pay to play site” This is so true. There are other places that you have control over your items and still have low fees.


I have had success using just organic traffic which keeps it virtually free to sell here, but its been a lot of work to do it. I do my own advertising for free as much as possible. Certain categories of items seem to do very well here such as beauty & cosmetics products, t-shirts & toys so when I notice these trends I look at my store to add more of those categories. I have also found that variety is key here, I have sold many different types of items here from jewelry to video games to clothing & everything in between! I try to appeal to as broad a customer base as possible. But I no longer list daily here because of the low traffic & I have another very busy website. But it is free to list & never any relist or renew fees plus items don’t expire so basically just a bonus when something sells here since its little to no maintenance. Good luck!

answered 8 months ago


NortheastGames says: March 18, 2017

Thanks for the response. I figured it I get a sale it doesn’t require a ton of effort. I was just surprised by how little traffic this place has.

misskeech says: March 19, 2017

Also you can save on final value fees with the use of tokens. you can collect 10 of them everyday. Many laugh at this, however they do add up, so when I do have a sale, i can virtually pay off my whole final value fee with tokens and have a 100% free of fee’s sale (other than paypal)

mrsvandy1001 says: March 19, 2017

Yes, the tokens add up well and will come in handy IF you have any sales…guess the 12,000+ unused tokens I have collected tells the real story there…


I think OP’s post is pretty dead-on. Very very few sales until I started paying in advertising. I now pay 9% to 13% on the sale … plus the Paypal fees, so yes — more expensive than eBay (but you don’t have the eBay store fees).

answered 8 months ago

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mrsvandy1001 says: March 22, 2017

Since I am still getting sales on eBay and have had 0 sales on Bonanza in past 11 months, whether using 9%, 13%, 19%, or 30%. I don’t have a store on eBay…using the free listings & free listing promos = think I’d rather pay the higher eBay fees for sales than 9% of 0 sales on Bonanza.

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