Prohibited item???

I just recieved a notice that a football program I listed from 1967 is prohited. It is a 1967 football program of the Eagles vs the Washington Redskins. Are we going nuts with this PC and cannot list legitimate items? I think we are going too far when we cannot list the names of football teams in existence for 70 years. It says: Bonanza may prohibit items which other marketplaces allow for sale. To prevent the unintentional listingof such items in your booth, our system automatically suppressed the following item(s) as they importedto your Bonanza account:


asked about 2 months ago

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achobbies says: August 02, 2020

I had a doll from the 1920’s that I listed as black a while back and it was removed. I contacted Bonz and in a few days they contacted me said I could relist it. I changed it from Blcak to africanAmerican and they didn’t remove it

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This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello Bettys_Goodies

If you need additional support please email our support team and they will be glad to assist you further. Contact us at

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered about 2 months ago

Contact Bonanza at

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Bettys_Goodies says: August 02, 2020

They are the ones that wrote me and banned the item…a football program lol

tomwayne1 says: August 02, 2020

Understood. Their automated system put the item in suppressed status. But nobody here can help you. You need to ask Bonanza for a personal review of the item and ask them what was wrong with it.

Atomicdiner says: August 02, 2020

I agree that all this PC stuff now is getting WAY out of hand. Bonz makes the rules and like Google there is no talking to them. They dont car what is allowed on other sites. Good luck getting anywhere and even getting a fast answer. Just Move ON.

Relist without “Redskins” in the title. Put it in the description and it might stay there. Just use Washington in the title. Good luck.

answered about 2 months ago

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Bettys_Goodies says: August 03, 2020

You might have to change your user name

Ebay allowed it on there site but they are not based in Seattle like Bonz so that might make a difference. We all know the problems they are facing there.

answered about 2 months ago


Bettys_Goodies says: August 02, 2020

Guess I should call the team Washington Native Americans… we’ve gone too far. Guess I can’t sell my dvd of GONE WITH THE WIND

Atomicdiner says: August 03, 2020

Ebay had no scruples and like the Politicians, would sell their mother for a vote (or a buck). I too have many things I cant sell here either. Good Luck

I think WR items have been disallowed for a while now. While the item itself is legit, the name is no longer considered to be so. You’ll need to sell it privately, or at least elsewhere.

On Etsy, ( I don’t know about here), you cannot list Black Americana. Not everything is insulting, but they have to set the line somewhere. Work within it.

answered about 2 months ago

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