Solution for sellers who have their valid credit card rejected and cannot pay fees

Hello everyone,

for a few weeks I have been experiencing an error which meant that my valid debit card was suddenly removed from my booth, which caused it to eventually get suspended for unpaid fees.

I tried replacing it or re-entering the same card, but it always returned the same error message written in red:

Whoops. There was an error.

We couldn’t process your credit card. Please check to make sure that you entered the number, expiration, and security code correctly, and that your billing address is correct (the billing address you enter must match the billing address on file with your credit card issuer).

I noticed that lots of Bonanza sellers are having the same problem and are only getting unhelpful responses from staff telling them to double check that everything is correct (when it obviously is).

So here is what you need to do:

1. Use a different browser where you normally don’t login to Bonanza

2. Go to “Account” – “Account Settings” – “ Contact & Address”

3. Delete and re-enter everything again manually, even if it is all correct and “Save changes”

4. Go to “Selling Dashboard” – “Billing” – “Add a card”

5. Delete all pre-filled information, even if it is correct

6. Re-enter everything manually, then manually enter the credit card details, including number, without having it automatically filled by your iPad’s saved data

7. “Add payment method”

8. This will save and accept your card

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ccmom says: June 26, 2020

sounds like clearing cached information is what was necessary

2 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello AngelicPretty

Thank you for providing additional information concerning how to enter a credit card when it is not working as it should.

Also, when users are experiencing issues with entering their, we find that clearing your cache and browser history resolves the problem. Some browsers will store outdated passwords or data that prevent you from completing your purchase. Here are instructions on how to clear your browser’s cache, cookies and history:

We find working with the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
If clearing your current browser’s cache does not resolve your issue, using a different browser or device may help.

If you need additional support please email our support team and it will be our pleasure to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered 11 days ago

i tried this many time as you describe here, when i am getting this problem.

but i want to say that bonanza will not accept same card after it removed by bonanza,

how i solve it is i added different card in which international transaction is not allowed so i can not pay from that card but that card is accepted by ebay and then i tried to add same old card on next day which was removed by bonanza after that bonanza accept that card.

this is some glitch or bug of bonanza.

answered 8 days ago

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