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I was just looking around the webstore info and looked how to set it up and they charge my 25.00 and I never clicked submit. I wanted to charge the card it was under too. Plus change it to the yearly charge how do I change this. I also put in my domain name and registered it but it’s saying it is not found. I thought we paid the 25.00 to have a domain name. I don’t have any of the go daddy or other things. I’m so confused now of how to set this up.

Bonanza is saying they are holding my domain name since I registered through Bonanza. Then they say if you need help in registering contact us. When I type in www.teen-stars-forever.com nothing shows up. I thought signing up for a web store we got a name and then can lead people to our store so we don’t have to pay fee’s. Plus I want my own store anyway. I’m guessing the booth is connected to your web store so people can either visit your booth or your web store which I thought is off Bonanza. Is there a number to call on Bonanzna for them to help me walk though this. I never even pressed submit to have a store in the first place. I just wanted information.

asked 9 months ago

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contact support….link is below on this page ..ask to cancel the store as you are not ready yet to set up a webstore…



My advice, set up a free booth…learn how the setup and the site works before investing too much money…If you wish to expand, add a membership and/or add a webstore……most people are fine with a booth or booth/membership combination.

On bonanza the booth is linked to the webstore, so you cannot have a webstore without a booth….but you can have a booth without the webstore..

No there is no number to call

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answered 9 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

I do have a booth already. Doesn’t having a web store go to google search.

answered 9 months ago


PudgesHodgepodge says: March 14, 2018

If you upgrade your booth to one of the advertizing plans, Bonanza promotes you to Google Shopping. If any of those promotions leads to a sale, you may have to pay Bonanza up to whatever percentage of the sale you agreed to.

PudgesHodgepodge says: March 14, 2018

In other words, no, you don’t have to have a Web Store in order to get Bonanza to promote your items to Google Shopping.


“I do have a booth already.”
“When I type in www.teen-stars-forever.com nothing shows up.”

Your booth URL is www.bonanza.com/booths/Chraligar or www.bonanza.com/Chraligar and not the one You’ve just written above.

When You signed up, You used ‘Chraligar’ and then You added here www.bonanza.com/booths/Chraligar/edit_basic Your shop’s name/title to show as the ‘Teen Stars Forever Booth’ (BTW, if I may suggest, You can edit it and delete the word ‘Booth’).

The only way, to have it as You wish, is to open a booth adding the same name to both: user/profile name and booth name (e.g. I’ve chosen to do it like that).

answered 9 months ago

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teen_stars_forever says: March 14, 2018

thank youbut that as not the question why is www.teen-stars-forever.com not showing up in google the google search box. Do I have to buy a Domain name as go daddy and connect it. What does the 25.00 cover then if it’s on Bonanza. I have the booth already and paid 25.00 for the website.

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