Weres my package

I was wondering if anyone else has ordered jewlery from ???? india and if so has anyone received there purchases or if India is still not shipping anything due to the coronavirus I had placed an order on may 1st and have yet been notified on my shipment or any response from seller please let me know as soon as possible thank you

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oceanheartjewellery says: June 29, 2020

i am also jewellery seller from india because of covid19 economy shipping can not gaurranty of delivery on time. if you chose dhl or fedex and pay extra shipping cost for that then you will get your order within 8 to 10 days from india. check my booth hope you like my jewellery.

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India is definitely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I also ordered lots of items online and haven’t received them yet, after a long wait.

If the seller is communicative,, I would allow more time for delivery.

answered 11 days ago

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oceanheartjewellery says: June 29, 2020

you are right, i am from india and selling jewellery. i am also jewellery manufacturer. india is affected by Covid19 and it’s slow down eeverything. but DHL and FedEx can still deliver within 8 to 10 Days.

from what ive seen because of the corona virus usps shipping can now take 2 to 4 months international. And some countries packages cannot be delivered to US. You can go their website and find out which countries are banned by usps right now.

answered 9 days ago

Try to contact the seller, if no response, please contact support. bonanza@support.com

I do know that a few of the sellers from India on here make items as ordered so there is a lengthy delay on shipping, and due to corona many items are not coming in from oversees purchases…

If you do not hear from your seller even after contacting support, go to the payment processor (paypal, I assume) and file an Item not arrived claim

answered 12 days ago

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See ccmom's booth

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oceanheartjewellery says: June 29, 2020

you are right. many of india seller make on order. as required by buyer. many online jewellery seller give order to us for make jewellery, i am jewellery manufacturer.

hello there, i am from india i am also selling jewellery, as indian seller when they sell to USA buyer or other country, Because of Covid19 now there is too much slow work from indian custom sometime seller ship item on time but when they track order they just found that item is still in indian custom.

if you chosse express shipping by dhl or fedex then you can get your order faster. but for that you have to pay extra money something like $25.

look into my booth i am also jewellery seller and also manufacture of jewellery i can make custom design also.

answered 8 days ago

Thank you and waiting for your new post

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