What did you do to get sales on bonanza?

Hi. I’ve been here almost a month and haven’t gotten any sales. I’ve been constantly uploading new products, editing old ones, I’ve even increased my advertising level from 9% to 13%, which hasn’t done anything for me. I have good photos and detailed descriptions. My SEO is good, my attendance is good. I don’t know what else to do to get sales on Bonanza.
I got my first sale on Etsy in the second week, and I invested a third of the time and effort I invested in Bonanza. Unfortunately, 2 weeks was all it took for me to be done with all of Etsy’s bullshit.
What did you do to get sales on Bonanza?

asked about 1 month ago


EmpressDepot says: August 16, 2020

9 percent should be sufficient. I also went up to 13 percent at one point, never made s difference. Time is the best thing on Bonanza and Google shopping is our best friend here for most of us. I am not sure why Google.com is not as well because it was better than GS on my own website. Be open to…

EmpressDepot says: August 16, 2020

suggestions from what u r used to. For example, the I Love Cats. Reason being is that people may want the mug to say exactly that. Do not worry about commas in titles. Use that space for valuable retail space in your title. Commas are an Etsy thing and for their own internal search engine.

Greynape08 says: August 21, 2020

Lack of advertising does not help, whereas Mercari does advertise quite a bit and I started there about 3 weeks ago and got more sales in that time then I did on here all year!

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Bonanza just doesn’t advetise. Nobody knows it exists.

answered about 1 month ago

You are at a disadvantage because you are dropshipping products and are competing with lots of sellers (on Bonanza, eBay, Etsy, THE INTERNET) who have similar or even the same products.

Of course, if buyers do a Google search and find multiple sites to purchase the same item, they are likely to consider some combination of the least expensive site AND the comfort level they have with a sales site.

So, you do have to promote your items (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to help draw traffic to your desired selling platform.

Try this experiment… put a couple items on Bonanza that you DON’T have on any other selling platform. Then, see what Google advertising can do for you. However, you will still have to compete with other sellers that might be selling that item.

How do your prices compare to others?
How are your shipping costs and shipping times?
What is your reputation (feedback, if any)?
How many items are you selling in your booth? The more choices you have, the more chances you have.

Good luck.

answered about 1 month ago

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Gooey_Ghost says: August 10, 2020

Thanks for the advice. But Pinterest doesn’t work in my experience. I tried it for my Society6 store and never got any sales from it. The only sales I got were from people browsing Society6.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 10, 2020

Right now Bonanza is my only store. It’s not going to be much longer, but right now it is. I have some of the pillow designs on Society6 as well, but that’s it, the rest of the products are unique to Bonanza. And the pillows have higher prices on Society6.

Bonanza is a google driven site, and not a destination site like ebay, etsy, or amazon which means if you do not show in google search results you are likely not going to be seen
This does take more work on the part of the seller..mostly ensuring google rules are followed..

https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6324415?hl=en (titles)

There are hundreds of similar dropship items like yours…competition is high….

Your items are in google but since many do not actually contain the actual title of the item, they do not appear in search results…ie

Your title: Cat Mug, Coffee Mug, Tea Mug, Cat Mom, Cat Dad, Mug Gift, Cat Lover, Paw, Blue

This is what appears in google:

Your item could have shown if simply used I like cats mug or Coffee Tea mug I Like Cats and then a few keywords would have made it easier to find
Many of your mugs are almost impossible to find in google..since you did not put it in your title..and I went through 10 pages of google shopping…

Every other I like Cat mug appears but yours, even just searching for Cat mug it did not appear, though your booth is in google shopping your items using simple search words are hard to find. The keyword titles work fine in esty internal searches or even ebay searches but do not work for google searches

Keyword spamming is not a discriptive title
Your Bonanza booth did not even appear as an option

Another example was a little easier…because you had the descriptinve name of the item as the first part of the title

Morning People Scare Me Mug, Coffee Mug, Mug Gift, Sarcastic Mug, Tea, Red

This one appears in google because of the title Morning People Scare Me Mug and as you can see it appears quite high in google returns

When I started here google rules were paramount and the only way to make sales (bonanza did not even do internet ads in those days..of course fees were very, very low also) and we had to do our own google feeds so I find it is easier to sell here. It has become automatic for me….to make detailed description, try to make the clearest pictures (trimming, editing, etc) and checking google shopping for likely titles that will bring results

And for others who have commented, for google White backgrounds and labeled picture can mean the difference between being seen or not

White/complimentary backgrounds, clean clear pictures..if you have a macro setting on your camera..use it and another great way to get items seen in google shopping and google images also having the pictures label with a title besides …57.jpg…because buyers can search images also for what they are looking for..an image without a title will not show in search results

I also see that items listed here are also on ebay at lower prices ($8.99 ebay price vs 24.99 bonanza price)..so I guess buyers searching will go to the lower priced place first (especially when they are the same picture)

It is a nice place, but can take a lot of work..like having your own independent website (which I also have..not associated with bonanza)

And yes, bonanza does advertise but the ads are internet centric, social media, websites, google, affiliates, but ad blocker software can pretty much block those.
They do not advertise on TV, or other media and I too wish for a TV ad blitz campaign at least to get the name out there…

Welcome to bonanza and good luck…

answered about 1 month ago

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tomwayne1 says: August 10, 2020

ccmim says: “I also see that items listed here are also on ebay at lower prices ($8.99 ebay price vs 24.99 bonanza price)..so I guess buyers searching will go to the lower priced place first (especially when they are the same picture)” EXACTLY

ccmom says: August 11, 2020

tomwayne..the price difference in several items was very surprising (not the OP items but others commenting)

Gooey_Ghost says: August 11, 2020

Thanks. I really appreciate your detailed answer and I will give naming photos a shot. But I don’t think naming my product “I like cats” would get me more views because people don’t generally search for “I like cats”. They search keywords like “cat mom”, “cat dad”, “cat person”, “cat mug” etc.

TrinketBox says: August 12, 2020

And yet those terms did not bring up your mug in google shopping. Your mug does not say Cat mom/dad..etc but it does say “I like Cats” use it with the other terms…The best thing to do is search google shopping and see which terms will show your items…

Gooey_Ghost says: August 12, 2020

Because search results are not just based on key words (although it helps to have good ones), but also rating / reviews and number of sales, which I don’t have yet.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 12, 2020

Here’s an example. My “Cat Mug, Cat Mom, Cat Dad” mug has 42 views, but my “Not A Morning Person, Fuck Off” mug only has 3 views because even though these key words describe my product, people don’t generally search for them. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO.

ccmom says: August 12, 2020

don’t have to use exact..but just a suggestion to investigate…I have been listing here in 3 different booths since 2009…I go with what works for me…By the way I tweeted the cat mug..that’s accounts for the views…Good Luck

Gooey_Ghost says: August 13, 2020

Thanks for the tweet.

EmpressDepot says: August 17, 2020

Maybe next year before Christmas we’ll get a TV ad. I can dream. It would be awesome. I remember a point when people wanted advertising but our inventory on the entire site was low, so back then to not do a TV ad made sense but now is another story

Bonanza is about 90% hands-on. You really got to bring your own traffic using social media, cross promotions etc. etc., plus, if you are brand new here it takes time to get into the roll both here and on Google. You cannot in any way shape or form compare this to any other site or blame any site for your business failure. You have to remember these sites are just a platform for us to grow our business, if we fail….that is on us. Also, you have to remember the competition out there if fierce, even more so now with all this crazy ’COVID’19’ garbage. One of the many great things about here is you do not pay until you sell something, so, you are really not out anything as you would have put the time into it anyway. I have over 2600 listings and still there are times (this is the slow time across all online sites) sales are slow here and on my other locations (I have 6). Use the time to ramp up for the holidays which are just around the corner. You will definitely want to constantly fill your booth as I said the competition is crazy out there. I would stick with the 9% which gets you into Googles rotation and at least once do a ‘Turbo Traffic’ pack (Be sure to keep track and judge when is best for your booth to use it). Give it a chance and do not rush it. Good Luck!

answered about 1 month ago


Gooey_Ghost says: August 09, 2020

1. “Bonanza is about 90% hands-on”. This doesn’t make any sense. The whole selling point of a marketplace is that it introduces you to a community of buyers. If they don’t have buyers to offer (which Bonanza claims it does), then what’s the difference between a marketplace and a Shopify website?

Gooey_Ghost says: August 09, 2020

2. How is it on me if I get sales on other marketplaces, but I’m not getting them here even though I’ve invested more time, effort and energy into this one? Isn’t the logical answer that there’s something wrong with / missing from this platform? If we are to assign blame.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 09, 2020

My Etsy store was also started during the pandemic, so no difference in timing.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 09, 2020

3. Turbo Traffic also doesn’t make any sense right now because I have 0 sales. 3×0 is still 0. Also I’m broke, and I need to make money in order to have money to spend on things like Turbo Traffic, if they indeed give results.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 09, 2020

4. How can I tell when it’s best for my store to use Turbo Traffic?

EmpressDepot says: August 17, 2020

Turbo traffic: Use when Christmas is on the horizon. Or if you have hot items during certain times of year would be another time to do turbo. During the summer here, at least for me, was never a good time to do turbo.

I haven’t had a sale in way over a year. This is not the best place to sell your items.

answered about 1 month ago

You have to promote your booth. That is part of doing business. I grew up in my folks “brick & mortar” store. My dad started it in 1932 until I closed the store in 1994,we advertised it every day, every where. This was before internet. Even “brick & mortar” stores depend on advertising, not just walk in traffic.
I have 4 booths on Bonz and I advertise them on all social media sites. I do pay a small $ amount to a couple of people to this for me. I also advertise on graigs list,facebook, facebook marketplace. And there are a ton of free online ad sites to use. promoting is a part of doing business of any kind.

answered about 1 month ago

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BargainHunterCrafts says: August 09, 2020

Also this is Back to school shopping time for a lot of people.

I’ve been selling here for a few years now & sales are few and far between. I also sell on ebay & things are slow there as well~~I made 5 sales there over this last week end. I started selling on my facebook local county marketplace about a month ago. I’ve made 4 sales there so far. For me, the local facebook marketplace & ebay are the only things that work. This place is dead for me.

answered about 1 month ago

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Gooey_Ghost says: August 10, 2020

I’m not a fan of eBay’s fees and limited listings. I don’t know much about Facebook Marketplace, I’ll have to look into that. Thanks.

Just hang in there… it won’t cost you anything. Better not to put all your eggs into this one basket though. You need at least one other site besides this to stay afloat. This is a good site, but not that well known. Try to mention Bonanza whenever you talk to anyone… even the grocery store cashier… anyone and everyone. We need to promote the site since they don’t do much that I am aware of.

answered about 1 month ago

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Gooey_Ghost says: August 11, 2020

Yeah, I was always going to do this, but I initially wanted to start selling on Bonanza before opening a store on another website. So much for that. I just joined another marketplace, waiting for some of my products to get reviewed. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

How did you sell on Etsy. Etsy is a platform for handmade and vintage?

answered about 1 month ago


misskeech says: August 10, 2020

ToysFromAttic, Etsy has changed SO much. They pretty much allow anything on there now, one of the many reasons so many good sellers have left the site

ToysFromAttic says: August 10, 2020

I’m still at Etsy because I have a lot of sales there. I know it has changed and not for the better. I have 2 shops there and started with my handmade shop almost from the start of Etsy. It was wonderful back then and they actually cared about their sellers.

Gooey_Ghost says: August 11, 2020

I sell print on demand products, which are considered custom or personalized items, and Etsy has been allowing them for a while now. I wish I had an Etsy shop back when you started. In my 2 weeks of uploading products and managing the store, I’ve only had unpleasant experiences.

ToysFromAttic says: August 11, 2020

It was wonderful back then. The people that worked for Etsy actually came to the forums to ask sellers for advice. Of course the forums were different and much nicer.

What did I do to get sales?

I found that I had to start concentrating on items that were proven to sell (by looking on eBay sold items for example)….looking to sell items that were not in abundance on the internet for sale, offering a deal on shipping….ex: Someone may offer free shipping for the one item but then if they buy one more of them their total price is higher if the free shipping is built in. Since I do like to sell “like” items and try to purchase more than one, the deal I offer on shipping is noticable when adding items to their cart

I also write detailed descriptions trying to anticipate buyer questions ahead of time.

I pack my titles, grabbing just about every space I can.

Finally broke down and got an Android 3 yeas ago so that I could research the item I was interested in buying. Because of this, most of the time I put the item back on the shelf while at the same time, some stuff I would have passed up, I go ahead and keep it in my cart,….
All because my phone gave me a window to look through ahead of time so to speak..

I do not like doing social media at all. I do not do it. I found it to be a waste of time personally for myself…instead, I mainly concentrate as I said above. This works better for me.

I know you drop ship and we obtain our products differently but there should be some helpful advice in here somewhere that you can relate to.


answered about 1 month ago

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