What does " items under review" mean?

just noticed this and wondered how long it was that way, is the item not being showed and how do I find out why it is being reviewed?

asked 18 days ago

3 Answers

Insufficient information (you didnt name the specific item(s), not that people on this board can do anything about it but give suggestions. A Wag would be that they did not like something in the title header or that it could be a prohibited item. Just because stuff is sold elseware, does not mean that it will fly on Bonanza here. If (and when) it is reviewed and it dont pass, they wont tell you WHY. Review prohibited items policies here or change the Title and see if that flys.

answered 18 days ago

Under Review:

“This item was flagged by our automatic system and is awaiting manual review by a member of our staff. We try to do our best to review items within 48 hours of them being flagged.”


answered 18 days ago

I tend to get these often here, even though I sell mainly kids toys, but, they tend to release it by the next day expect on weekends of course you will have to wait for the next business day. No, the item is not visible to anyone until it is cleared.

answered 18 days ago

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