Which category would you choose?

I have some beanie babies for sale in my booth and I am wondering which of my categories to put them in.

I have custom categories in my booth. I do not have a toy category.

I have a custom category titled as Children & Baby Variety and a custom category that is titled as a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That.

I’m not looking to add a toy category.

So knowing this, which of my two categories would you choose to put them in if it were you? I know adults like them also but maybe more so children like them? Or maybe it is about equal among adults and children?

I ran into this same thing with Hello Kitty. You’d be surprised how many adults like Hello Kitty.

Thanks from Sharon!

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Tammies_Treasures says: July 04, 2023

Between those options I would pick children. Unless they are highly collectible beanie.

EmpressDepot says: July 04, 2023

Yep, children’s is where I put them at originally. Thanks Tammie :) It is Tammie with an “ie,” right?

Dons_Guitars says: July 04, 2023

Do you have a collectible category?

EmpressDepot says: July 04, 2023

Nope. I went ahead and put them back in the Children’s category. Thanks DonsGuitars :)

Tammies_Treasures says: July 05, 2023

Correct EmpressDepot.

EmpressDepot says: July 08, 2023


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You said you didn’t want to make a toy category. But if you already use custom categories, why not simply make one for “Stuffed animals” and place the Beanie Babies in it?

answered 11 months ago

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See tomwayne1's booth

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EmpressDepot says: July 04, 2023

You are right and I do have some stuffed animals in my booth….the only thing is that I want to get rid of the stuffed animals. Now that you bring it up I might do stuffed animals since I have them…plus beanie babies are not as easy to come by anymore…so maybe they will do decent. Thanks Tom.

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