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So HOW LONG do I have to wait before getting my 500 Bonus tokens for filling out the eCommerce survey that BONANZA reminded me about on Feb 1, 2020 in an email???

EVERY YEAR, I have to nudge them. This should be automatic since BONANZA sent the email asking me to fill it out and should know I did it. I’m still Waiting.

Did anybody else get their tokens already this year for completing it?

Inquiring minds want to know.

asked 21 days ago


Atomicdiner says: February 06, 2020

Found it Thanks ccmom

gearseller2 says: February 10, 2020

Wondered why I never got the tokens- now I know- thanks for asking the question.

3 Answers

There was a link in the email for you to click on to claim the tokens after you took the survey. Said something like come claim your prizes…not sure if it will still work..which was a badge and tokens

There was also a notification under What’s New for awhile to not forget to take the survey and claim your prize package

Edit: Found email in my trash folder

answered 21 days ago

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See ccmom's booth


Atomicdiner says: February 06, 2020

Thanks ccmom. After looking at it again, I see the link (However it COULD have been MORE PROMINENT in BOLD or a larger FONT or button in my opinion). It just kind of blended in with the existing text in the email.twi a a e

ccmom says: February 06, 2020

I missed the link the first 4-5 times I read the email (I have 3 booths and got the email 3 times and still did not notice it until later)

EmpressDepot says: February 09, 2020

I never got an email. I did not get one last year either

EmpressDepot says: February 09, 2020

I just looked and I do noeven Remy where what’s new is at anymore lol

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answered 21 days ago

Cindy is right. The link to claim them was IN the email. Go find it.

answered 21 days ago

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