How long is a item listed

is there different option on how long a item is listed for and can you re-list it with a click of a button

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It’s up to You, how long You want Your item to be visible online.

Even with a free booth You can list Your item for unlimited time, until it is sold or You decide to put it on hold=reserve (to relist it later or duplicate a listing to sell a similar product) or delete it.

You can always relist sold item (see tips here or make a reserved listing active in Your “batch editor” or “Add or edit items” page.
When You open Your booth, these will be Your links to the mentioned pages:’sName/batch_edit’sName/edit

Check here Bonanza help pages:

answered 7 months ago


Once you list an item on Bonanza it will stay up for sale indefinitely until sold.

You do not have to worry about re-listing it.

If you ever run into a situation where you would like to remove it from your booth temporarily, just go into the listing and near the top of the page (above the price of your listing) click on Reserve.

If at some point you decide you want to put the listing back up for sale in your booth, here’s how:

1. Upper left corner of this page, hover your cursor over Selling and then select Batch Edit from the drop-down.
2. Once in Batch Edit, click on Add Filter and then click Item Status Anything (it is below where you see the number of listings you have for sale in your booth).
3. Select Reserved from the drop down.
4. Then click on Apply Filters.
5. You will then see your reserved item come up on the screen
and click the tiny box beside your listing.
6. Now go up to Set Status (it’s located within a larger gray box area).
7. Next, just keep the area set as For Sale, click in the circle beside it and click Apply Changes.

The listing will then be back up for sale in your booth.

Note: Make sure to update your booth afterward so that the info on the new listing in your booth will be updated with Google Shopping.

Google shopping is a whole other animal. Ask away if you happen to be learning on this.

answered 7 months ago


There is another way to “Hide” items till you want to relist them and this way you can still see them…..When you are in “edit an item” just remove the title or price from the item and it will not list as active, but when you are in edit you will still be able to see it…..when/if you want to relist it, just edit it, and put back in the price or title. This is the way I use.

answered 7 months ago

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See misskeech's booth

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ArtsyCrafteryStudio says: June 16, 2018

Thanks for this time-saving info! Will use it.


In some cases it will even get views long after (and I mean long as in almost 10 years long) it is sold. Once it gets into Google shopping, it seems it never goes away. I am talking about unique (maybe rare) items that I sold in the long ago past that still gets views (and lots of them).

answered 7 months ago

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EmpressDepot says: June 14, 2018

Good to know Atomicdiner.


I use a lazy mans’ – or womans’ way – I just change quantity to zero. Then all I have to do, is plug in a quantity and it shows up. (Of course, if your original quantity is a large number of identical items available, that’s going to be more labor-intensive, but I almost never have a quantity of more than 1 of anything. Works for me; may not work for you. (about having an item show up years after it’s been sold, it’d definitely a problem when somebody “buys” the item! I don’t think they always believe us when we say it’s no longer available.)

answered 7 months ago

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ArtsyCrafteryStudio says: June 16, 2018

Thanks for this info! Great time-saver.


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