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How do i see stats per listing? or stats at all?
I am new, and while posting listings I notice that there is no place to see views or visits. Where can I see those? I am trying to track these listings to get a sense about how popular my listings might be.

asked 10 days ago

3 answers
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How can i increase visibility my booth?
hello i am selling womans cloth like saree. hand made kantha work saree. But i am watching last 1 month my visibility is 0. How will it possible. what is my fault i can'nt understand. I have not upc. thats why can not ad in google shopping also....

asked 11 days ago

2 answers
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Edited question, I wasn't clear. When I search Monroe and Main suit I see partner results, which are my eBay listings. How do I stop this?
I don't want my eBay items advertised at the bottom of my screen. How do I make them go away?

asked about 1 month ago

6 answers
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Booth activation? global issue?
I have had a Bonanza booth for several years and make it a habit to update it and refresh my feed a few times a week.. but today I instead got a message saying "Just letting you know.. Your booth is awaiting review by our team, it should be activa...

asked 3 months ago

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