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"a shopper has placed an order and needs your approval" what the heck is this?
I get this message too often: "you have chosen to require approval before the transaction is processed. If the order details below look A-OK, please approve this order. If you cannot fill the order, you may deny it. You can also review this ord...

asked 13 days ago

2 answers
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Bonanza remove my card and i can not add it back for pay fees and buy turbo pack. tired of bonanza because don't have enough traffic on bonanza.
Whoops. There was an error. We couldn't process your credit card. Please check to make sure that you entered the number, expiration, and security code correctly, and that your billing address is correct (the billing address you enter must match...

asked 15 days ago

4 answers
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Custom packing slip
I have looked everywhere. How do you customize the packing slip in Bonanza. I want to include my information, a message plus my logo instead of the Bonanza logo. Other than customizing PayPal's I see no other way to do this. This makes it t...

asked about 2 months ago

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