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Bonanza/Ebay...Different Buyers!

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Posted by HodgePodgeLodge, Chicagoland, IL. 3,415 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I mostly sell here and occasionally I might list some things on “The Dark Side”.
This is just my opinion/experience…why do I get the most annoying questions & requests from potential bidders/buyers on ebay?

Usually here on Bonz someone buys one of my items, the sale is processed/packed/mailed BADA BING BADA BANG DONE!
The questions that I have received here are “intelligent” questions, we have some good communication and the sale is then completed.

Does anyone else here have the same experiences?
OK, just needed to rant a bit.

Posted by loneelk, Williamsburg, NM. 3,913 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I only sell here—and pretty much my experience is that selling here is pretty streamlined, especially once I learned that I could go right through Paypal for mailing labels and postage. I learned that from a nice Bonz seller who’d migrated over from the bay, and stayed long enough to buy a few items from us.
Of course I have nothing else to compare to, but sure seems easy to me, most of the time.

Lone Elk's Lodge
Posted by collectiblecorner, Redding, CA. 3,897 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I think a lot of times on the bay people will ask silly questions on purpose to test the responsiveness of the seller.

I know I’ve been guilty of it a few times in the past when I was considering making a substantial purchase. If a seller doesn’t respond to a question from a potential buyer, or responds with a snarky attitude, what are the odds that they’re going to be nicely responsive if something goes wrong?

It’s just the nature of the bay, where there are just as many bad sellers as there are bad buyers. i like to test the waters before I spend a hunk of cash.

Of course these days when I need to buy something I have Bonz, so I don’t need to play those games.

Collectible Corner ~ Antiques, Uniques, & Other Fun Things
Posted by silverspoon, MO. 2,129 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

It’s a whole different atmosphere over there, for both buyers and sellers. I hope Bonz never gets that way!

Posted by bcoog, Edenton, NC. 693 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Yeah it’s a much nicer enviroment here. I sell on Ebay to try and bring people this way sort of another way to promote this site.

Yeah I get some crazy ??,but for the most part a few don’t read the complete description. I have had some very good ? too though.

Posted by PatriotFamilySupply, . 99 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Never had any problem on Ebay. My descriptions tend to be ultra descriptive, and I keep the buyer informed about shipping, etc. We just started sellng there under our business ID, but we’ve had our “family” id going for several years now.

Bonanza seems to have a much nicer community of visitors and sellers.

Posted by RayvensRarities, In the middle of the state of, Oregon. 16,332 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Due to the lack of sales here since the site changed names, I finally started listing on Ebay again after like 3 years of not doing it.

What I’m finding is that out of say 5 finished auctions, I MIGHT get paid for 1-2 of them. The others end up in a non paid item claim.

When I sold over there about 9 or so years ago, that kind of stuff really never happened and the auctions would always get paid for

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 9,902 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

The only silly question I ever got anywhere – it was on the bay, though – was about 10 years ago.

I listed a black cashmere sweater in the category of dolls, fashion dolls, Tyler Wentworth, and in the title stated it was for the 16 inch doll.

A woman asked me if it would fit her? I replied, ‘not unless you are 16 inches tall.’

She called me a lazy cow for not making it clear enough and wasting her time………

Other than that, I have found buyers/browsers to be a very friendly lot, who will often share information about something I am selling.

There are times when I have omitted a critical bit of information, and value their input. They’ve never been the least bit nasty.

I really think it depends on what kinds of things you’re selling….


Posted by Ms_Prissys_Patterns, Rantoul, IL. 1,790 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Most of the time I get snarky answers to questions on the Darkside, but if I give them information they (Usually) are nice.

Ms Prissys Patterns
Posted by Bad_Chics, Charlotte, NC. 1,927 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I think the most ridiculous question I received was a couple of days ago. Someone on the darkside emailed me about an item they bought two years ago apparently they no longer want it.

Bad Chics
Posted by RayvensRarities, In the middle of the state of, Oregon. 16,332 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

OH I have a fun one. Not really a question but it was still weird.

Had a Fire Engine ball cap for sale once. It was red and I had like 6 photos or something like that with it, to show it from different angles and had close ups on it.

A lady bought it. I still remember the feedback she left for me to this day. The feedback was positive but these were her comment

“Nice hat, don’t care for the red”"

I’m like WTH, if you don’t like red, why’d you buy a red hat

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

hahahaha! It definitely takes all kinds doesn’t it.

I had some stranger ask me HERE about an item I sold at least last year!!! Not if I had more, but a specific question about the item!! Maybe fishing for…I dunno!!

G's New-N-Used
Posted by hoppyeshopper, Milwaukee, WI. 1,729 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I have a funny one. I sold a pair of items on the Other side, they were some wall hangings the size of a sheet of a copy paper, black, wavy, with holes in them and a very ornate brass loop for hanging. In my listing I said I don’t know what I’m selling but they look cool. The very 1st week someone bought them. And guess what?! The feedback was: I love them, but I still don’t know what they are.

Bargain Seekers International by Hoppyeshopper
Posted by bambisbetterbuye, Rising Fawn, Georgia. 222 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

i too am at the dark side, sometimes. people & staff are for the most part rude, but then you get the good ones who are great. i much prefer the good customers, over the bad. my mom had some guy ask her about something ??, the description was there, so we figured he couldn’t read. after she re-explained everything to him, she ended up blocking him as he never bid, just alot of questions. he was the worst person to deal with.

bonanza people are so friendly, & help without any bad thought towards you for helping. i’ve met so many nice, heart-warming people here that have made me feel like i am somebody, not a nobody or a number. and believe me, i’ve had some troubles & some dumb questions. thanks guys for making me feel welcome here.

Posted by Yettalass, . 1,130 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Raven I completely understand the RED comment. There is Orange Red and Blue Red and on the computer it may not show the correct hue of Red so my guess is the person was saying she did not like the hue of the red color that she got.

Posted by Glamouritz, VA. 4 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I’ve been on the bay since 2002, opened my first booth here on Bonanza over a year ago and just opened a 2nd Booth for jewelry and cosmetics.
Customers here have been 100% great and some of them I am downright fond of.

Over there? Well, I like to believe that folks are mostly good even when they’re having a bad day. LOL

My favorite silly question over there was about a Silverado fashion necklace. Lady wanted to know if it came in gold. Uh, no. Only silver, thus the name Silverado.

Posted by eggplasteranime, West Jordan, UT. 35 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I to find that on on E-Bay a lot of people ask questions that could be simply answered if they had just taken the time to read it. I don’t know if its laziness, or what is with a lot of ebay customers, but for my buyers there I am getting them to come over to Bonanza because it is a lot better over here.

Posted by RECORDMUSEUM, . 1,395 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Yes… Bonanza buyers and sellers are not crazy.. and they are HONEST!!

Posted by Bad_Chics, Charlotte, NC. 1,927 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Most buyers and sellers are great rather it is Bonz, Feebay, or Ets. Feebay policies and tactics have divised a venue that makes it easier for people to be foolish when they wouldn’t normally be otherwise.

Bad Chics
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