Hand Picked List: Sci Fi Fo Fum

"Speculative Fiction for a Fabulous Future"
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Published on 09/19/18

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Is Sci Fi the philosophy of optimistic aspiration for the human race?

BarsoomBazaar says: September 19, 2018

Yes, one of the few

VintageVarietyShop says: September 20, 2018

Great choices!

graphiceye says: October 24, 2019

Science Fiction is great. Wonderful stories by gifted humans. It is of the Subconsciousness like dreams and all Fiction. Someday some can become true but even then we are in the cosmic illusion — the Maya of this world/Universe. Some think “the unreal is the real.” Some think Death is the eternal and the real. I think those words may mislead people. So from another philosophy I reiterate: Thou Art That. Real Meditation is of the Superconsciousness. (I once owned a comic store next door to the oldest Science Fiction Club LASFS for ten years.