Hand Picked List: From The Darkest Depths of A Demented Mind...

"horribly, horrific Halloween"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 08/07/20

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Do you celebrate Halloween?

AudiLee says: August 07, 2020

Welcome to my nightmares… muahahahaHA! :D

Starfisher says: August 08, 2020

I was waiting for your Halloween lists to start. Terrific HPL, plan now for Halloween, this year will be different for sure. Thank you for having me along for your nightmares.

VintageVarietyShop says: August 08, 2020

Definitely demented Audi, and such fun to boot!

Lost_Treasures says: August 08, 2020

Audi, -So now we know how Covied 19 came about -
It was Her, she couldn`t wait for Halloween.
Your Nightmares certainly must keep you up all Night. -

AudiLee says: August 08, 2020

Hi :) It will definitely be a different year for the Haunted House of Lee :( No annual party this year.. doubt will be decorating but considering some possibilities for safe treating outside. Lost… I think Covid is scarier than any of these items and yep, sometimes they do LOL.

QuakerMaid says: August 09, 2020

The Mickey Mouse is interesting.

quadrina says: August 09, 2020

Countdown to Halloween!!! Great kickoff Audi ….. from quadrina. :)

AudiLee says: August 09, 2020

Hi QM, that one really creeped me out when I saw it LOL :D Hi quadrina… woot woot :D thanks :)

AudiLee says: August 21, 2020

This one ends today… it was fun while it lasted :D