Hand Picked List: Turkeys on the Loose!

"October is half-way done...Time to think about Thanksgiving"
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Published on 10/14/20

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User comments on Turkeys on the Loose!

Starfisher says: October 14, 2020

We always have a big turkey dinner with family. This year will be a much smaller turkey. I’m ready! Perfect timing for this HPL!

AudiLee says: October 14, 2020

In Lodi, CA, 2014, there was a turkey that residents named Tom Kettleman. He frequented the busy intersection of Kettleman Lane and up and down the road. He would cross the streets and people would wait. Sadly, the street got him one day and many people were sad. I had to share that as it brought the memory back.. R.I.P. Tom :D

AudiLee says: October 14, 2020

Oh! Forgot to say this is a really great variety, MamasStuff! Great timing too :)

VintageVarietyShop says: October 14, 2020

This is a super list with a lot of fun choices! I can’t believe how fast the holidays are approaching!

bvaughnfamily says: October 26, 2020

that reminds me – I need to go feed the turkeys.
excellent collection of gobblers.

MamasStuff says: November 06, 2020

I love to create lists that play on the meanings of words. Thank you for your comments :)

MamasStuff says: November 13, 2020

Wow – every day I have to add a few more items to fill the list! I guess turkeys are a popular item ;)