Hand Picked List: SHOES, SHOES, & MORE SHOES.............

"We love shoes.......... :)"
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Published on 06/02/21

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What are your favorite shoes?

Starfisher says: June 03, 2021

I’m a sandal person, heels are no longer an option. Lots to choose from in this HPL!

VintageVarietyShop says: June 03, 2021

A nice variety of footwear! I like sandals and slippers!

AudiLee says: June 03, 2021

I’m with Starry Jan on that.. high heels not an option. Sandals with skirts, tennis shoes with jeans, garden clogs in yard and slippers in house. For formal affairs, black very low heel pumps. I wear hiking shoes when applicable and boots in winter. Probably unlike most women, I own about 10 pair of shoes and I’m good with that. LOL :D

Callixte_Shoes says: June 04, 2021

Savvy Shoppers know that now is definitively the best time of the year to buy boots :-) Nice selection

Dutchlady says: June 09, 2021

Some nice items here!! :)